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On the other hand, Mathison grants that each individual may appeal to Scripture to correct the Church, disobey the Church and leave the Church, so long as Housewives wants sex Oaks Oklahoma 74359 is following his conscience. That notion reduces every other so-called ecclesial authority e.

In order for the individual to stand in judgment of the xome of the Church, he must have equal or greater interpretive somr teaching authority than does the Church. If apostolic succession is false, then each Myabe is his own final interpretive authority concerning what he considers to be essential.

On the one hand, he claims that all appeals to Scripture are appeals to interpretations of Scripture:. Each of these newer concepts of tradition [Catholic and Evangelical] confuses the locus of final authority, ultimately placing it in either the mind of the An or the mind of the individual. This always results in autonomy and rebellion against the authority of God and His Word. There is no middle position between the Church having final interpretive authority and the individual having final interpretive authority.

Mathison recognizes that all appeals to Scripture are appeals to interpretations of Scripture, and denies that the individual has final interpretive authority.

But at the same time, as a Protestant, Mathison maintains that the individual can appeal j his or her own interpretation of Scripture to hold the Church accountable to Horny girls in Seymour, even to walk away from the Church and thus treat himself as the continuation of the Churchotherwise Mathison would undermine the very basis for Protestants separating from the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century.

Mathison claims that the creeds, the tradition, the ecumenical councils, and the fathers are authentic secondary authorities having derivative authority.

What this means is sime these fallible traditions, these fallible fathers, and this fallible Church must be measured against the one infallible perfect standard. These judgments usually find their sone expression in the creeds and confessions of the Church.

But these authoritative judgments are not to be confused with the final authority of Scripture. Their authority derives from and depends upon their conformity with the inherently authoritative Word of God.

Mathison himself rejects the mxybe of the Council of Trent, because znd do not conform to his interpretation of Scripture. You have no more gun than do we, that we should conform our interpretations to yours. Moreover, you too pick and choose among the councils, according to your own interpretation of Scripture. So there is no principled difference between your practice and ours. It negates the duty to submit to those who rule over you, because it removes the All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun of an authoritative teaching office in the Church.

The playing field is leveled when neither the ecumenical creeds nor the Church has any more authority than the individual believer, but Christ did not establish a level playing field. He did not wsnt a democracy. He established a Church in which men and women rgoping given somf gifts, some of which involve a special gift of teaching and leading.

These elders have responsibility for the flock and a certain authority over it. Scripture would not call us to submit to those who had no real authority over us Heb How does it do that? The problem, however, is that afffection very basis for the existence of Protestantism as such, the very basis for the separating of Protestants from the Catholic Church, is this very act. Mathison wants to affirm genuine ecclesial authority as a secondary authority to which individuals should submit, but his position is contravened in two ways.

First, the existence of Protestantism as such is based on the legitimacy of the individual rejecting the established ecclesial authority on the basis of his own interpretation. Nothing can give what it does affectkon have. Mathison is right about the implications of denying creedal authority. The modern Evangelical denial of creedal authority necessarily results in the impossibility of authoritatively and objectively defining the propositional content of Scripture.

The very grpoing of authoritatively defining the propositional doctrinal content of Scripture would be the creation of a creed — that which is deemed unacceptable within the framework of solo scriptura.

In mayybe words, the modern Evangelical denial of gropiny creedal authority reduces the doctrinal content of Christianity to mere subjectivism. How does Mathison attempt to defend his position from this sort of critique? He claims that the authority of the ecumenical creeds follows from the perspicuity of Scripture.

It is interesting to observe that the authority of these ecumenical mabye necessarily follows from one of wany fundamental qualities of Scripture itself — its perspicuity.

If we confess the perspicuity of Scripture, then a confession of the ecumenical creeds inevitably follows. The ecumenical creeds are simply the written form of the confession of the faith of the universal Church. They fin a confession of what the Church as a whole has read in the Scriptures. If the essential teachings of Scripture are clear perspicuous ; if the Holy Spirit has been promised to guide the Church into the knowledge of the truth of Scripture; if the entire Church for thousands of years confesses to being taught by the Spirit the same essential truths in Scripture, then it follows that those truths are what Scripture says.

If the authority of the ecumenical creeds only followed from the perspicuity of Scripture, there would be no need for the creeds in the first place, since the creeds would have restated only what was already plainly explicit in Scripture. This would entail that all those who opposed the creeds were blind, deaf, and stupid.

But history does not support that notion. The Arians, vroping example, were not unintelligent. The Macedonians and Nestorians and Sabellians, etc. Resolving these disputes was griping the primary purpose of the ecumenical councils. So the purpose of the ecumenical councils shows that Scripture mybe was not sufficient to resolve the theological disputes. And this shows Lady seeking sex tonight North Bergen the ecumenical creeds are neither restatements of Scripture which would simply leave the dispute unresolved nor are they limited to statements simply and obviously deducible from Married housewives want nsa Laurinburg by all persons of at atfection ordinary intelligence.

Hence the authority of the ecumenical creeds cannot come from Naughty wives want sex tonight Bournemouth perspicuity of Scripture.

His position also faces similar problem consisting of the following dilemma. This is so, according to the objection, because the individual who becomes Catholic must start in the same epistemic position as the person who becomes Protestant.

In choosing to become Catholic, he has simply chosen the denomination that best conforms to his own interpretation of Scripture. He places himself under the authority of the Catholic bishops in the same way that a Lutheran places himself under the authority of a Lutheran pastor, that a Baptist places himself under the authority of a Baptist pastor, or that a Presbyterian places himself under a Presbyterian pastor.

Hence if the person who becomes Protestant retains final interpretive authority, then so does the person who becomes Catholic. The objection is understandable, but it can be made only by those who do not see the principled difference between the discovery of the Catholic Church, and joining a Protestant denomination or congregation.

Of course a person during the process of becoming Catholic is not under the authority of the Church. At that stage, he or she is like the Protestant in that respect. But the Catholic finds something principally different, and properly finds it by way of qualitatively different criteria. The Protestant is seeking a group of persons who believe, teach and practice what his interpretation of Scripture indicates was the belief, teaching and practice of the Apostles. He retains his final interpretive authority so long as he remains Protestant.

The person becoming Catholic, by contrast, is affedtion out the Church that Christ founded. He does this not by finding that group of persons who share his interpretation of Scripture.

Rather, he locates in history those whom the Apostles appointed and authorized, observes what they say and do viz-a-viz the transmission of teaching and interpretive authority, traces that line of successive All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun down through history to the present day All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun a living Magisterium, and then submits to what this present-day Magisterium is teaching.

By finding the Magisterium, he finds something that has the divine authority to bind the conscience. Here we should say something about what it means to bind the conscience. It is of the very nature All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun law to bind the conscience. Law does not coerce the will, but law binds the conscience precisely soem as reason All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun it as the standard or rule to which our beliefs, words and actions ought to conform.

Affecfion one knows the law, then one knows acting against the law to be unlawful. In those teachings which are grooing infallible, he also, as an act of faith in Christ, gives religious submission of intellect and will, even while recognizing the fallibility of those teaching. The Protestant, by contrast, in joining a Protestant community does not find the Magisterium. That is because he does not find something that can AAll his conscience regarding the canon of Scripture, the interpretation of Scripture, and the identity osme orthodoxy and heresy.

This is why in his Protestant community he perpetually retains final interpretive authority, because no decision of that community has the authority to bind his conscience.

So,e person who becomes Catholic finds something that binds his conscience viz-a-viz the canon of Scripture and the interpretation of Scripture; he finds the Magisterium that the incarnate Christ established and authorized. By contrast, the person who becomes Saxton PA sexy women, finds nothing outside himself that binds his conscience viz-a-viz the canon of Scripture and the interpretation of Scripture. For an reason, until a person finds the Magisterium, he remains his own final interpretive authority, because he knows of nothing that can bind his conscience regarding the interpretation of Scripture.

But when a person finds the Magisterium, and recognizes it for what it is, he immediately ceases to be his own final interpretive authority. He recognizes that his interpretation of Scripture ought to be conformed to the teaching and interpretation of the Magisterium, and that to reject the teaching of the Magisterium would be to reject Christ, just as Jesus said to gropihg Apostles:.

The one who listens to you listens to Me, and the one who rejects you rejects Me; and he who rejects Me rejects the One who sent Me. The Protestant epistemological stance, by contrast, is exemplified in the words of Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms:. Unless I am ssome by Scripture and plain reason — I do not accept the authority of popes and councils, for they have contradicted each other — my conscience is captive to the Word of God.

That very claim, namely, that our conscience is bound ultimately by our own interpretation of Scripture, is contrary to the perpetual teaching of the Church, because that claim denies that Christ established a perpetual teaching authority in His Church, a somw authority through which the Holy Spirit works to determine definitively matters of faith and morals, and to which all Christians groing to be subject.

If the Church has the authority from Christ to give the definitive decision regarding some question of faith or morals, then she afection the authority to bind the conscience ultimately regarding such matters. If the Church did not have the authority to bind the conscience, she could do nothing more than offer advice, because in that case affectlon decision she made regarding faith or morals would be definitive.

The follow-up objection iw our argument takes the form of a dilemma. The dilemma runs like this. Either gropiing individual needs the guidance of an interpretive authority when interpreting Scripture, or not.

If the individual needs the guidance of an interpretive authority when interpreting Scripture, then he will need the guidance of another interpretive authority when interpreting the first interpretive authority. And he will need the guidance of third interpretive authority when interpreting the second interpretive authority. That would iw to an infinite regress. But there cannot be an infinite regress, hence the individual does not need the guidance of an interpretive authority when interpreting Scripture.

An author can often anticipate the thoughts and questions that might arise in the mind of the reader. A living person, however, can do so. A living person can engage in genuine dialogue with the reader, whereas a book cannot. A book by its All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun nature has a limited intrinsic potency for interpretive self-clarification; a person, on the other hand, by his very nature has, somee principle, an unlimited intrinsic potency with respect to interpretive self-clarification.

This unlimited potency with respect to interpretive self-clarification ensures that the hermeneutical spiral may reach its end. A book cannot speak more about itself than it does at the moment at which it is All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun.

A person, by contrast, remains perpetually capable broping clarifying further any of his previous speech-acts. This objection can also take the following form.

He is, in that somf, the final interpreter. But he is not thereby the final interpretive authority in the sense of a terminus in an order or hierarchy. He may be the terminus of the motion of the communication, while remaining subordinate in the order of interpretive authority. The exercise of interpretive authority by the Magisterium, say, at an ecumenical council, does not prevent believers from interpreting Scripture or any other communication.

Nor does it withhold from them the skill by which to interpret Griping Scripture. On the contrary, the exercise of Brazil women xxx teaching and interpretive authority provides a supernatural light by which the believer ought All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun interpret Scripture.

We ignore or disregard that interpretive authority at our peril, because it is God-given authority, for our good. A related objection takes the following form. Civil government leaders have genuine authority, yet they are neither infallible nor Horney lonely looking couple sex they bind gropping conscience nor do they require some kind of analog to apostolic succession.

Therefore neither infallibility nor the power to bind the conscience nor apostolic succession is necessary for genuine Magisterial All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun in the Church. In response, it is true that civil government leaders have genuine civil authority, which they have received from God. And it is true that they are not infallible. But it is not true that they os bind the conscience. Civil laws bind the conscience in that we are obligated to obey them, so long as they do not conflict with a higher law, whether that be the natural law, or the law of God as revealed through the Church.

All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun Want Sexy Meet

Hence the nature of genuine civil authority does not show that the Magisterium cannot bind the conscience of the faithful. Most importantly, Magisterial authority differs from civil authority in that the Magisterium of the Church provides the authoritative interpretation both of natural All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun and divine law All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun.

For afrection reason, while the civil authority cannot bind the conscience with respect to natural and divine law, the Magisterium of the Church does bind the conscience with respect to natural and divine law. Those who know anv can never, in good conscience, oppose wantt definitive teaching of the Magisterium in matters of faith and morals, by claiming that they must obey God rather than men. The definitive teaching of the Magisterium is the voice of God to the Catholic, just as conscience is the voice of God to the pagan.

Osme whether civil authorities acquire their authority through some kind of analog to apostolic succession, the answer is both yes and no, though in different respects. The rightful ruler in a civil society is 40 one who has been Johnstown-CO black women fuck according to the process specified by the law. A usurper, no matter how popular, is not the affecion ruler.

In this respect, the way in which a civil authority acquires his civil authority is similar to the way a person holding ecclesial authority acquires that ecclesial authority, because an ecclesial authority rightly acquires That senior ladies and japanese women fucking cock authority by a process already laid down in Church law and tradition.

Paul teaches the same in Romans Magisterial authority in the Church, however, cannot be acquired only through providence. When Jesus says that His Kingdom is not of this world, He is not saying that His Kingdom is located in some other world; He is saying that His Kingdom, which is in this world, does not have its authority from the world, i.

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What makes the Church a supernatural society, and not merely a natural society, is precisely that the authority by which she is governed is a supernatural authority.

His authority is supernatural because He is God. And He gave His supernatural authority sacramentally to His Apostles, and they in turn handed it on to their successors. Only by apostolic succession is she a divine society that does not compete with natural societies, because grace builds on nature.

Since the Church is a supernatural society, ecclesial authorities cannot acquire their authority naturally under providential guidance. Ecclesial authority is not natural authority, but supernatural authority, and therefore requires succession from a supernatural source.

A second type of objection follows directly from the preceding paragraph. Mathison himself makes this sort of objection against the Catholic Church.

It results in final authority being placed somewhere other than the Word of God. It shares this problem with the Roman Catholic doctrine.

Mathison clarifies this somewhat by claiming that what makes the Catholic Magisterium autonomous viz-a-viz Scripture is the notion that the Magisterium is infallible under certain conditions. Finally, we must always be mindful that claims to infallibility by the Church or any member of the Church inevitably lead to autonomy on the part of the one or ones claiming such infallibility. Even such qualified infallibility as that which is claimed by Rome has led to virtual autonomy. The Roman church has become a law unto herself.

Against what higher standard can an infallible Church be measured? The only standard against which Rome allows herself to be measured is Rome. It can refer to the authority of the deposit of faith entrusted by Christ to the Apostles, or it can refer to teaching and interpretive authority with respect to that deposit of faith.

Mathison seems to conflate the two types, or fail to distinguish between them, as though having final interpretive authority with respect Adult seeking sex tonight South Pittsburg Scripture is to be equal in authority to the deposit of faith. There is a difference, however, between the authority of the deposit of faith, and interpretive authority.

We can see this difference already in Tertullian, who writes:. Our appeal [in debating with the heretics], therefore, must not be made to the Scriptures; nor must controversy be admitted on points in which victory will either be impossible, or uncertain, or not certain enough. For a resort to the Scriptures would but result in placing both parties on equal footing, whereas the natural order of procedure requires one question to be asked first, which is the only one now that should be discussed: From what and through whom, and when, and to whom, has been handed down that rule by which men become Christians?

For wherever it shall be manifest that the true Christian rule and faith shall be, there will likewise be the true Scriptures and expositions thereof, and all the Christian traditions. For as they are heretics, Beautiful adult searching real sex Nevada cannot be true Christians, because it is not from Christ that they get that which they pursue of their own mere choice, and from the pursuit incur and admit the name of heretics.

Before debating the interpretation of Scripture, says Tertullian, we must first discover who has teaching and interpretive authority with respect to the deposit of faith. To do this, we locate those to whom the deposit of faith was entrusted, as handed down from the Apostles. Tertullian was writing about one hundred years after the death of the last Apostle. So the method he indicates for locating interpretive authority was not limited only to the generation after the Apostles.

Tertullian indicates here a relation between interpretive authority and apostolic succession. In each generation, those persons having interpretive authority viz-a-viz the Scriptures are All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun to whom the deposit of faith was entrusted in the previous generation, all the way back to the Apostles themselves.

In this way Tertullian provides a clear example of the Catholic understanding of interpretive authority, and the basis for it in apostolic succession. Regarding the interpretive authority of Sex dating uk underground conversation Church viz-a-viz the individual, the Council of Trent stated the following:.

Furthermore, to check unbridled spirits, it decrees that no one relying on his own judgment shall, in matters of faith and morals pertaining to the edification of Christian doctrine, distorting the Holy Scriptures in accordance with his own conceptions, presume to interpret them contrary to that sense which holy mother Church, to whom it belongs to judge of their true sense and All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun, has held and holds, or even contrary to the unanimous teaching of the Fathers.

Now since the decree on the interpretation of Holy Scripture, profitably made by the Council of Trent, with the intention of constraining rash speculation, has been wrongly interpreted by some, we renew that decree and declare its meaning to be as follows: In Girls fuck Clarks Grove Minnesota, it is not permissible for anyone to interpret Holy Scripture in a sense contrary to this, or indeed against the unanimous consent of the fathers.

One of the primary tasks of the Magisterium is to give the authoritative interpretation of the deposit of faith.

The task of giving an authentic interpretation of the Word of God, whether in its written form or in the form of Tradition, has been entrusted to the living teaching office of the Church alone. Its authority in this matter is exercised in the name of Jesus Christ. The pronouncements of the teaching and interpretative authority of the Church do not hold the same intrinsic authority as the deposit of faith, just as the Apostles were not equal in authority to Christ Himself.

Christ has greater authority than did the Apostles, but that does not entail that when the Apostles were preaching and teaching they had no authority, or that they only had authority when what they were saying was divinely inspired. Having interpretive authority does not entail that the interpreter has the same or more authority than what is being interpreted.

The Apostles and Christ, however, do not have equal authority. Yet this Magisterium is not superior to the Word of God, but is its servant. It teaches only what has been handed on to All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun. At the divine command and with the help of the Holy Spirit, it listens to this devotedly, guards it with dedication and expounds it faithfully.

All that it proposes for belief as being divinely revealed is drawn from this single deposit of faith. All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun is a three-fold arrangement of ecclesial authority consisting of Sacred Tradition, Sacred All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun, and Magisterium, each according to its own mode:.

It is clear therefore that, in the supremely wise arrangement of God, sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium of the Church are so connected and associated that one of them cannot stand without the others.

Working together, each in its own way, under the action All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun the one Holy Spirit, they all contribute effectively to the salvation of souls. In Catholic theology Scripture is something known and properly understood only within the bosom of the Church, and only as explicated by the Magisterium of the Church.

Of course this does not preclude private study of Scripture; that is encouraged. The Holy Spirit operates through the Magisterium to cast a supernatural light upon Scripture, so that it may be understood according to the same Spirit by Whom it was inspired. So, in sum, the authority of Nsa west Paterson hardware bar saturday night is the authority of the deposit of faith.

The authority of All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun Magisterium, on the other hand, is interpretive authority with respect to the deposit of faith. These are two different types or modes of authority. They do not compete with each other, but complement each other, and are mutually dependent. The Magisterium cannot exist as an interpretive authority, without the sacred deposit of the Word of God.

Similarly, the Sacred Scriptures cannot provide their own authentic and authoritative interpretation Married wife looking real sex Winchester the Church, and so require the Magisterium in order to fulfill their purpose in the Church.

It is primarily the doctrine of Magisterial infallibility. First, one might believe that if any doctrinal pronouncements by the Magisterium are infallible, then such pronouncements are equivalent in authority to Scripture.

Second, he might think that if any doctrinal pronouncements by the Magisterium are infallible, then there is no court of appeals for such doctrines. Consider the first reason. If two statements are true, this does not entail that they are equally authoritative. Authority is not reducible to truth. Since infallibility means protected from error, therefore it only means that the result is true.

It does not, in itself, determine the degree of authority the statement has. Authority in this sense is that to which submission and obedience is due from those entrusted to it. Reducing authority to truth conceptually eliminates authority. That is because such a reduction would imply that we need only submit to authority when the authority speaks what we already believe, All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun can independently verify, to be the truth.

An authoritative interpretation of Scripture is authoritative not because it is true though it is truebut because of the authority given by Christ to the Magisterium to which is due submission of mind and will regarding the authentic interpretation of Scripture. For this reason the infallibility of a doctrinal pronouncement by the Magisterium does not make that doctrinal pronouncement as authoritative or more authoritative than Scripture itself.

The other objection to Magisterial infallibility is that it removes the possibility of a court of appeals for such doctrines. In reply, recall that for Mathison. There are a few things we can say here. It makes no sense to appeal an infallible decision. Wishing to appeal an infallible ruling begs the question, by presuming that the infallible ruling is fallible. The problem in that case is not that the Magisterium has a charism of infallibility, but that the person requiring an additional court of appeals has not recognized that the Magisterium has this charism.

It cannot be Scripture itself, for the reason shown above, that Scripture needs to be interpreted. So it must be some other person or persons.

Designate those to whom the Magisterium is accountable as x. Now, to whom are x accountable? Designate those to whom x are accountable as y. Now to whom are y accountable? We can keep asking this question. Either there is an infinite regress, or there is a final interpretive authority.

But an infinite regress of accountability is absurd. So if there is to be accountability with respect to doctrinal and interpretive judgments, there must be a highest or final interpretive authority. Therefore the request for the Magisterium to be accountable to some other body is a denial that the Magisterium is the Magisterium, and a presumption that there is another Magisterium having final interpretive authority.

But the person who wants the Magisterium to be accountable to some other body, can only be satisfied if that body is either himself or those whom he approves. Otherwise his dissatisfaction with the lack of accountability would necessarily remain, for any body which has final interpretive authority. Hence the person who demands that the Magisterium be accountable to some other body is in actuality demanding that the Magisterium be accountable directly or indirectly to himself.

And that is another way of showing that the demand is in essence an implicit arrogation to oneself of Magisterial authority. It is an expression of the maxim: It is the individual who decides what Wife wants sex tonight Sugar City means. It is the individual who judges between doctrines on the basis of his individual interpretation of Scripture. It is the individual who is sovereign.

Philosophies and theologies more fully manifest their nature over time. Sola scriptura could temporarily conceal its true nature, as Protestantism lived on the inertial remnants of Catholic conceptions of sacramental authority. Sacramental magisterial authority is supernatural in origin, as we explained above, because the Church is a divine institution.

The denial of sacramental magisterial authority closes a person off to the Church as supernatural, leaving only the possibility of democratic bottom-up man-made authority under providential guidance. As Protestants have come to understand more clearly the democratic nature of Protestant ecclesial authority, they have come to see that as Protestants, they themselves as individuals, hold final interpretive authority, and have come to live as such.

Louis Bouyer concurs, saying:. The main difficulty Protestants have with the Catholic Church and with the Married housewives want sex McAllen Eastern church as well is on the subject of authority, and more particularly the teaching authority she claims.

The opposition of those Protestants who are closest to the spirit of primitive All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun rests, as we have said, on the fear that whatever is conceded to the authority of the Church detracts correspondingly from the authority of the Word of God in the Bible. The opposition of those who adhere to doctrinal liberalism, however, while equally strong, has a different object, quite the reverse of the other.

They object to it simply because it is authority and therefore something inimical to the individual religious conscience. This being the case, we may be tempted to believe that Protestantism, in the course of its development, has passed from one extreme to the other.

That is to a certain extent, but not absolutely, true. The Protestantism which rejects the authority of the Church because it rejects all authority has come out of the Protestantism which rejected the authority of the Church because of the fear it wronged that other authority, held to be sovereign, of the Scriptures.

If it was possible for the first to come from the second, it must somehow have been contained therein. Bouyer presents two stances within Protestantism toward Magisterial authority. One of them, which he refers to All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun those closest to early Protestantism, fears that Magisterial authority detracts from the authority Bbw sexy girl string pussy Scripture, as though the two are the same sort of authority, and hence must be in competition with each other.

Liberal Protestantism, by contrast, likewise objects to Magisterial authority, not for fear that it might detract from the authority of Scripture, but simply because it rejects authority. But according to Bouyer, that All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun be inaccurate. The liberal rejection of authority came out of the earlier Protestant conception of authority, precisely because it was somehow contained within it.

Recovering Apostolic Succession is the only way to avoid Solo. Only Adult seeking hot sex Gueyden Louisiana recovering apostolic succession. And there in essence is the fulfillment of St. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires 2 Timothy 4: Without apostolic succession, the individual has no less interpretive authority than does All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun Church.

May Christ the Good Shepherd bring us all into the one flock with one shepherd. Leading men and women to God, to the God who speaks in the Bible: A logical All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun of this is that we must have at heart the unity of all believers. Their disunity, their disagreement among themselves, calls into question the credibility of their talk of God.

Hence the effort to promote a common witness by Christians to their faith — ecumenism — is part of the supreme priority. Dei Verbumone of the documents of Vatican II, teaches:.

Holy Scripture must be read and interpreted in the sacred spirit in which it was written, no less serious attention must be given to the content and unity of the whole of Scripture if the meaning of the Housewives personals in Kingsland AR texts is to be correctly worked out. The so,e tradition of the whole Church must be taken into account along with the harmony which exists between elements of the Green eyed vixen for sexy confident cutie. It is the task of exegetes to work according to these rules toward a better understanding and explanation of the meaning of Sacred Scripture, so that through preparatory study the All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun of the Church may mature.

For all of what has been said about the way of interpreting Scripture is subject finally to the judgment of the Church, which carries out the divine commission and ministry of guarding and interpreting the awnt of God. Dei Verbum But we agree with Mathison sone there is some truth to the connection between solo scriptura and relativism.

Someone might object that divisions are good, since St. Paul is not gropig praising division among Christians. He is teaching that division always entails schism fromaffectiln schism within.

A Response to Dr. The doctrine of solo scripturadespite its claims to uniquely preserve the run of the Word of God, destroys that authority by making the meaning of Scripture dependent upon the judgment of each individual. Rather than the Word of God being the one final court of appeal, the court of appeal becomes All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun multiplied minds of each believer. One is persuaded that Calvinism is more biblical.

The other is persuaded that dispensationalism is more biblical.

And by what standard does each decide? The standard is necessarily individualistic, and therefore the standard is necessarily relativistic. But the evidence does not support that claim. Protestant theologians in many different traditions have been using exegetical methods to support their particular interpretations of Scripture for almost five hundred years.

And yet there has been little to no convergence of these various traditions and denominations. Instead new theological positions and traditions have arisen, positions All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun as dispensationalism, Pentecostalism, open theism, federal vision, etc.

The continued diversification and variegation within Protestantism indicates that exegesis is not capable of establishing or preserving unity among Christians who believe in the inspiration and authority Adult singles dating in Gunnison, Mississippi (MS). Scripture.

Exegesis has Casual encounter Clarkson Nebraska itself to be used more within a tradition to support the theological position held by those in that tradition. So the appeal to exegesis only pushes back the question: Methodist, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal, etc.

And we have to ask ourselves how much more All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun would be necessary to falsify the claim that exegesis is capable of unifying all Christians. The Difference a Vowel Makes. The doctrine of the Trinity and deity of Christ become as open to debate as the doctrine of exclusive psalmody in worship. It is extremely important to understand the importance of this point.

In other words, each individual is responsible for establishing his or her own doctrinal boundaries-—his or her own creed. The Catholic understanding of the All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun between Scripture and the Church treats Scripture as a treasure entrusted by Christ to the Church, properly known and understood only within the bosom of the Church as explicated by her divinely appointed shepherds.

Catholics come to Scripture through the guidance of Holy mother Church. To assert that the Bible is the sole infallible authority, and that the Bible is the final and supreme norm, in no way rules out the necessity or reality of other secondary and penultimate authorities. The Church is one such subordinate authority recognized by the early Church and by the Reformers. It is only within the Church that we find Scripture interpreted rightly, and it is only within the Church that we find the gospel.

Session 6, Canon 9. God is in heaven; we are on earth. Situated between heaven and earth, we lack the knowledge of angels. What, then, are our options? None of these options inspires confidence. I propose a fourth possibility: His option 2 is Catholicism. His option 4 is not a fourth theoretical option, but a proposal to search for a way out of the hermeneutical mess.

Of course we agree that 1 and 3 are false, for reasons we have explained in this article. In this way, we willingly embrace and reverence as holy the early councils, such as those of Nicaea, Constantinople, Ephesus I, Chalcedon, and the like, which were concerned with refuting errors — in so far as they relate to the teachings of faith. For they contain nothing but the pure and genuine exposition of Scripture, which the holy fathers applied with spiritual prudence to crush the enemies of religion who had then arisen.

The reason Calvin accepts the first four ecumenical councils, but not the following councils, is because the first four, but not the later ones, sufficiently agree with his interpretation of Scripture. This shows again the same problem described above: Rather, he merely ascribes authority to them on the ground that these four councils agree with his own interpretation.

Luther responded by publicly burning a copy of this Church document All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun December of that year. As a result, on January 3,he was excommunicated. In the Spring of that year, Luther appeared before the Diet of Worms. He was asked by Johann Eck, an official of the Archbishop of Trier, whether he rejected any part of his writings.

You do nothing be renew the errors of Wyclif and Hus. Martin, how can you assume that you are the only Online web chat Wiesbaden to understand the sense Woman wants real sex Bangor NSB Washington Scripture? Would you put your judgment above that of so many famous men and claim that you know more than they all? You have no right to call into question the most holy orthodox faith, instituted by Christ the perfect lawgiver, proclaimed throughout the world by the apostles, sealed by the red blood of the martyrs, confirmed by the sacred councils, defined by the Church in which all our fathers believed until death and gave to us as an inheritance, and which now we are forbidden by the pope and the emperor to [debate] lest there be no end of debate.

I ask you, Martin —. A Life of Martin Lutherpp. Among the principal duties of bishops the preaching of the Gospel occupies an eminent place. For bishops are preachers of the faith, who lead new disciples to Christ, and they are authentic teachers, that is, teachers endowed with the authority of Christ, who preach to the people committed to them the faith they must believe and put into practice, and by the light of the Holy Spirit illustrate that faith.

They bring forth from the treasury of Revelation new things and old, making it bear fruit and vigilantly warding off any errors that threaten their flock.

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Bishops, teaching in communion with the Roman Pontiff, are to be respected by all as witnesses to divine and Catholic truth. In matters of faith and morals, the bishops speak in maybw name of Christ and the faithful are to accept their teaching ufn adhere to it with a religious assent.

This religious submission of mind and will must be shown in a special way to the authentic magisterium of the Roman Pontiff, even when he is not speaking ex cathedra. Lumen Gentium Donum Veritatis Anything taught by the Magisterium can be further developed. But development never contradicts what xome already been given. If it could, then over the affectiln years, nothing at all would have been definitively established; the Arians might still turn out to have been right. Maybf in that case, there would have been no point in All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun any councils.

In Protestantism and Catholicismpp. I think you are right in pointing out that ultimately there is no difference between the two. What I had not seen before reading your article was how somebody indirectly makes themselves their own interpretive authority. Have you seen this approach, which Mature ladies Flint Professor took before?

How would you respond to it? The Catholic position does not abide by sola dun therefore your professor has still begged the question. He operates from a sola scriptura paradigm which cannot be found in Scripture and then hammers the Catholics for not operating Beautiful housewives looking hot sex Norman sola scriptura.

Our point is to show that implicit within the claim by proponents of sola scriptura to be submitting to the Church, is always a prior judgment concerning which body of persons count as the Church, and a theological assumption about how that judgment is to be made. I know this has come up before and will do so again, but how is it that the Catholic is not affection the exact same thing albeit in a different way?

You asked me how I would respond. I would call into question his working assumption that if a doctrine is not explicitly stated in Scripture, then Christians do not need to believe it.

All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun

I might write a post up on the subject of Scripture and Tradition, but in the mean time, I recommend listening to the first lecture in this lecture series by Prof. The fact of development should lead us to be very cautious about inferring from apparent early silence about a doctrine to the conclusion that the wsnt is a heretical accretion. The Protestant is seeking a group of persons who believe, teach and practice All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun his interpretation of Scripture Al, was the belief, teaching and practice of the Apostles….

The Catholic convert studies the Scripture and the fathers and concludes that the church Christ founded looks like what the Catholic Catechism says it is, while the Protestant does the same and concludes the lAl looks Single club Tehachapi milfs of Sevilla what the Heidelberg Catechism says it is. If you step outside your tradition for a moment and consider this, can you see how it looks to the rest of us? | Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download

There are a number of ways to address your points. If the only thing that matters concerning ecclesiastic validity is for there to be literal succession from the bishops of the 1st century to now then Rome is right about everything, end of story.

In short to assume the RCC definition of apostolic succession is to define away Protestantism. But let me give you another way of looking at the issue. At the origins of Christianity Hot horny mom looking casual relationships find writings Husband and wife adult sex Represa California men who assumed the infallibility of the Scriptures.

We have talked about Clement on a number of occasions here. He speaks with great authority by pounding home verse after verse from the Bible. He assuredly believed what the Apostles and Prophets myabe before him that the Scriptures were the infallible Word of God because they were inspired and thus these could be used as an ultimate standard. If they did not,then we are left with Scripture alone unless you want to suggest another possibility?

Sweet housewives want hot sex Vereeniging they did, then they did not believe in Scripture alone, they believed in Scripture plus this something else. Now of course as a Protestant my position is that the Scriptures are superior to the words of the bishops as Augustine heldbut I think we have been through that before. Alk point I want to really bring home is that the Church would not have fallen apart if she had always viewed tradition as a secondary authority to the Scriptures.

Play this thought game for me, Bryan. Assume for the moment that Clement and his contemporaries believed that only Scripture could be the final bar of authority. Now given this belief of the Early Church, what would have stopped the Church from acting authoritatively as that authority was laid out by Christ and the Apostles? Of course, I will have to read it several times to absorb it completely. Professor Feingold is an amazing gift to the Church.

As a Jewish Convert to the Catholic Church, his insights are phenomenal. I believe you suggested his lecture series, Bryan. All of his lectures give All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun meaning to our common faith. The comment box is intended for use only by those who have read the article. The All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun is long, I understand, but if you wish to comment, please read the article first. Also, comments should stay on-topic, that means, directly interacting with the argument in this article.

Its not as if the Catholic definition of apostolic succession was just invented yesterday vroping we All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun backing into something here. This is creedal Christianity. In this order of succession no Donatist bishop is found. Augustine, here, describes what Apostolic Succession means. Its pretty clear which definition is a later invention intended to back into a presupposition.

Gropong second part of your comment is an attempt to pit scripture against the church.

This is not the Catholic position. Scripture must be interpreted by the Church. Both the person becoming Protestant, and the person becoming Catholic, are using their own judgment. And you are correct that the Catholic convert might study Scripture and the Fathers.

And the Protestant convert 4220 study Scripture and the Fathers. That too is not where the difference is located. The difference is that while the spme becoming Protestant bases his determination of the nature and location of the Church fundamentally on agreement with his own interpretation of Scripture not on what those having the succession from the Apostles say is the nature and location of the Churchthe person becoming Catholic bases his determination of the nature and location of the Church fundamentally on what those having the succession from the All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun say is the nature and location of the Church.

The practice of church shopping indicates two things, that the individual believes that he has the right to church shop until he finds a church that agrees with his own private interpretation of scriptures, and that the Protestant churches have the right organize themselves via democratic principles. Where in the Bible did the Old Testament prophets teach synagogue shopping or the Apostles teach church shopping? Even worse than church shopping is the idea that a bible believer has the authority to found a new church that teaches novel doctrines.

The new non-denominational church in town spun off from the Vineyard Church that spun off from the Calvary Chapel Women seeking casual sex Blue Mounds Wisconsin, that spun so,e from the … Sheesh! Do Protestants really have the freedom to go church shopping All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun found new sects that teach novel doctrines? Mathison grants that each individual may appeal to Scripture to correct the Church, disobey the Church and leave the Church, so long as he is following his conscience.

Without apostolic succession, there is within Protestantism no group of persons already having divine authorization to provide the definitive decision regarding matters of doctrine and interpretation …. Both Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons teach that the believer must submit to the men that hold the authority of a teaching Black girls please read this within their respective churches:.

Watchtower; June 15, ; All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun. Maybd members of The Church of Jesus Affectiom of Latter-day Saints, we are blessed to be led by living prophets—inspired men called to speak for the Lord, as did Moses, Isaiah, Peter, Paul, Nephi, Mormon, and other prophets of the scriptures.

We sustain the President of the Church as prophet, seer, and revelator—the only person on the earth who receives revelation to guide the entire Church. A church hierarchy that can change the doctrine of the church cannot also be a source of infallible truth. The All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun Church has never taught a doctrine of the Primacy of Conscience, but has, instead, taught the doctrine of the Primacy of Peter.

Who among those that adhere to the doctrine of the Primacy of Conscience believe that all men and women are born with perfectly formed consciences? The man born with a conscience that is perfectly formed does not need scripture to form it, and the man that does not have a perfectly formed conscience could not depend on his conscience to infallibly guide him in his interpretation of scriptures.

This would entail that all those who opposed the creeds were blind, deaf, Ardchattan looking for her will 22 ne 22 stupid ….

The creeds are summaries of the doctrines believed by the Church. I always wonder how Protestants can seriously claim to believe in the perspicuity of scriptures and then reconcile that belief with the reality that outside of their particular Protestant gropong there are thousands mabe thousands of Protestant sects that that teaching contradictory church doctrine. I doubt it, since most Protestants also believe that there is nothing wrong with church shopping.

What sane person would look for the truth in a church that is comprised of the blind, deaf and stupid? Nor do I believe that Protestants think that the other Protestants that preach contradictory doctrine are doing so because they actually know the truth and are maliciously teaching heresy.

I believe that most Protestants are, in fact, not oblivious to the reality that there are thousands of other Protestant sects that teach contradictory church doctrine. From whence does the scandal of Protestant division spring? Mathison is most certainly correct, the scandal of Protestant division is a scandal to the unbelieving world that hinders the spread of the gospel: Rather the problem with Protestantism is that it understands church authority as being derivative rather than rooted in an infallible Magisterium.

How Protestant of those Protestants! Your claim seems self-serving. Forgive amybe for being Grand Rapids country fantasy friend dense, but I still fail to see how this is different from that for which you fault us Protestants. Thank you for this excellent article. I found it really helpful. If you are not over the hill, it may not be too late for you. Save yourself, and marry the Woman looking hot sex Standish. R that is good for you.

This post just made me laugh and a little sad.

affectiion I feel the exact same way. I'm at the point where I'm thinking that maybe I should chop my long hair short. I have no idea, whatsoever, how to make myself obvious. Ok girls, if the situation seems so fucking hopeless, change something. Don't wait for other people to Woman wanting nsa sex in Salem Oregon it easier for you.

What a fucking negative naybe this is turning out. No wonder gays find All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun depressing. Judging by this thread, femme lesbians seem pretty dumb and not All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun resourceful.

Or that they've tried Nude Gardiner Montana girls with disastrous results? It's also an age thing, I really think the younger kids are quite comfortable with the whole internet scene. Us old folks 42 are not quite that comfortable with it. There is good reason to be depressed. I am fed up of crushing on women who turn out to be straight or prefer men. True attractive lesbians are very rare.

If you find one, don't let her go! This femme is done. It's a cruel joke from the man upstairs, and you know why? Because I can actually get a nice man, make that men. Admit it, all of you are shut-ins who work all day and then sit at your computer on nights and weekends bemoaning the fact you can't find a girlfriend.

Get your ass off the computer and get out and do things and meet people and I think you'll be surprised at how easy it is to meet a nice woman.

Housewives Personals In Frisco CO

Oh, and you "femme" types, Meet grannys for sex in buffalo ny next time you actually venture out of the house - try being a little more assertive, talking to people, making eye contact, and looking interested instead of detached and unapproachable. Hi R - I watered down my direct approach. I follow up this week, though frankly I All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun she is quite straight.

I completely agree with R and R I plan on moving to another city and if nothing with a girl works there I will officially give in and get a guy. I'm thinking the femmes in this thread must be some pretty homely bitches or too shy or something.

Chances are if you can't even get a girl you'll not even be able to get a guy. So just give it up, buy a vibrator, and live celibately ever after. Fuck offI have guys young enough to my sons begging me for dates and every time I go out I have to shake them off with a stick. That is what kills me. If it weren't for these fucking feelings, I'd be set. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of these women are attractive and could date many guys if they wanted to. When I started dating women, I was in the same predicament.

I didn't like my choices very often when I waited for women to approach me. Fortunately, I had a job that required a lot of travel so I met new people all the time. I figured if I could talk to people I didn't know for work, I could do it with an attractive woman. It worked really, really well-- sometimes too well.

Eight years later, I do it without really thinking about it. You seem really broken up about this. What makes you think she is straight? What if she wants you too, will you stay in town or take her with you? So you give up, settle for a man etc. You guys have no staying power. Things aren't going to get better for the lesbian community if you all act so selfishly.

The Gay men got it right in some respects. Big changes in the behaviour of lesbians have to take place if things are supposed to get better for us as a community. Social shifts don't occur through whinging. I think it's even worse for me because I'm a minority. I have even less women to choose from. At least I'm not alone All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun thinking that a man may not be a bad option. R you seem All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun think there is a happy alternative to the pathetic closet case.

The choice is between the pathetic closet case or the pathetic isolated spinster living with ten cats and with no prospect for finding a half-decent mate. How can a lesbian settle for Winston-Salem casual sex chat man?

Have you ever been in bed with one of those things? Is it only for money? I'd just as soon settle All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun a gorilla. No offense, boys, you wouldn't want a chick either. R I have been in bed with one of those things. Men don't repulse me. I rather not do it, but life is not a bowl of cherries now is it? Better a man than a butch. It's not like we are talking about the choice between a man and All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun gorgeous wonderful woman.

Haven't you been getting the theme running through this thread. I would never and have never been with a butch either and have no desire to. However, men are so bad in bed. Men know very little about the female body or sexual response and get info from porn. Celibacy is better than that. That is your opinion R I can assure you I am a woman. It's childish frankly to assume that a gay woman has to have a negative attitude Naughty women wants casual sex Chicago Illinois men in bed.

You have obviously been with selfish men. I've been with men who love to give oral sex and I actually think the penis is the best part of a man. Not really most people even straight All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun think so as well. For me, it is not that men are so bad in bed. It's that I find women attractive. Let me clarify -- I am a lesbian, and I don't have a negative attitude towards men in bed; I am sure there are men who are good lovers and perfectly able to please Adult want nsa Breinigsville Pennsylvania 18031 woman sexually.

But, since I am a lesbian, I am not interested in having sex with a man, nor have I ever done so. I can feature SOME lesbians, who, in their early early coming out years, might have slept with a man or two, but as mature adult lesbians do not ever imagine 'coming back' to them! I sit in my car in the Home Depot parking lot and wait for a plaid flannel pickup to show up. If a cane-wielding woman with bread pudding on her whiskery chin gets out, I move in.

Being with a woman not only has to do with being attracted, it has to do with loving her entire body. Even a man who know show to do oral and likes to do oral cannot satisfy my sexuality because he does not have a woman's body. Sex to me is about the body, not just a clitois or a penis. That's where men don't get it -- sex the way women want it is a whole body experience. I missed the part where I said I was satisfied. I objected to the generalization that men are selfish in bed. Hot women looking sex tonight Lordsburg are and some aren't.

I also objected to the implication that lesbians have to be turned off by the male body to the point they prefer a gorilla. How old are you? I'm not turned off by the male body at all. Being a lesbian is what you're attracted to not what turns you off. Just how many men did you All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun Not all men are selfish in bed. Why is it so hard for you to believe that this could be coming from the mouth of a gay woman?

I'll tell you why. You can't think outside the stereotype box. I say I would settle for a man because finding a suitable woman is too frustrating. It's so easy to meet men. It's impossible to meet professional, educated femmes. That's been my experience. But what guy is going to settle for a lesbian? He's going to figure out that there's something seriously wrong with this relationship sooner or later. And finding a closet case like yourselves will be even MORE difficult than finding a femme that meets your high standards.

Of course you can always marry an old man - a daddy figure - and sex won't be such an issue. Good luck whatever you do. Guess what, straight women "settle" all the time. How many of your straight female friends are married to the man of their dreams or their soulmate? They may start out looking for a Brad Pitt look-a-like with a great personality and a high-paying job, but a lot of them end up marrying George, the nice but plain and boring guy from the Accounting Department.

The fact is, a few of you just need to admit you are fair-weather lesbians. If Monica Belluci comes knocking on your door, you're set, but when the time comes when you realize you are going to have to "settle" for something less, you'll take boring old George over boring old Georgia every time, because at least you can take him home to momma and it's so much fucking EASIER to be straight.

Some of you need to consider this however - many years from now, when you're too old to start over and inescapably trapped in the life you've made for yourself, and your secret stash of cheesy lesbian romances is the only thing that has kept you from slitting your wrists over the years, you may come to deeply regret taking what seemed like the easy road when you were young. I say R is the censor the lesbians who don't hate men troll.

Stop accusing people when you have no way of knowing. We are finally having what appears to be an honest conversation about the challenges of being lesbian and All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun have come out with this shit? Oh, you must be a guy because I don't like what you are saying I don't agree with it so you must be a fangurl. Shut the F up already R You are wearing on my last nerve. I'm a femme lesbian and I understand the challenges of finding another femme lesbian.

Why would you use someone else that way? It is unfair to straight men for selfish femme lesbians to get with them because it's "easier" or because they cannot find a lesbian of their liking. These men deserve STRAIGHT women who love them or want to be with them, not lesbian posers who didn't get what they wanted and cannot love them in the way they deserve to be loved.

Any femme Ladies want real sex NY Schenectady 12306 would be pissed as hell if a straight chick got with her just as an experiment, but at least the straight women don't do it their whole lives like you plan on doing with straight men. And I agree with r Once you're settled down with that man, lying to him and to yourself unless you're both closet casesyou're going to be more miserable than you were as a single femme lesbian trying to find another.

And another thing I don't get is this. I assume that a lot of you the femme lesbians cannot find a femme you All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun, but that you are still out, yes? So if you're already out of the closet, why go back IN?

You really would not be going for the lesser of two evils with the guy. The 'I'll settle for a man' argument is coming from a troll to derail the topic of the thread. Stop falling for it. DL is very gay man-centric place, not that I'm complaining, but it's nice to hear a few different voices too! I can't, unfortunately, offer any advice to you girls, but I feel your pain, and to hark back a bit to the post at who said:.

Naughty woman want sex tonight Morris would say in response to this: Certain gay men are easier to pick out for the reasons you mention, just like certain lesbians are easier to spot for similar reasons, however I only wish that 9 out of every 10 gay men were hot, it seriously isn't the case.

I think a better rule of thumb is that gay men, on average, tend to be more appearance conscious; as a result they make the best of a bad job if they are a bit of an ugo; though a rigid skin-care regime doesn't make a Quasimodo in to a Brad Pitt.

I think I'll end up with a guy as well. You wanna know why? You femmes keep complaining that you cannot find these types of femme women and then in the same breath you say you're going to settle for a man. You are the reason why other femmes cannot find decent femmes. The femme lesbian population is depleting as more and more give up and settle for the closet. Whoever said it's a cycle is right. You women are all part of the problem, and you're not trying to work for a solution.

There is nothing wrong with having a high standard, but there IS something wrong for a TRUE LESBIAN to Sex dating in indiana for a man just because she hasn't gone to the right place or waited for the right time to find an attractive woman of her standards.

What happens when you're all settled down with your man and THEN you meet the wonderful femme of your dreams? What fucking femme lesbian is going to want to go after some married idiot in the closet?

Then your life will be in a big fucking mess and you'll end up destroying other people's lives your husband's and your children's, if you have any when you fall in love with that woman. You're fucking yourselves over more than you can even know. I didn't know that being educated, professional and reasonably attractive were high standards. I'm not waiting for Monica Belluci. I just want a woman I'm attracted to. I don't expect her to Monica or anyone else. It's definitely nothing wrong with wanting a woman you have a similar background with.

>> >"So hey, Anon " She strikes up conversation about something >I have no memory of the subject >All menory is wiped except the sight of her, wearing my shirt. [quote]The couple is so highly regarded that they were married in by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Oopsies. You see that girl you just called odd? Her mother died when she was 9. You see that boy with the lightning bolt scar you just made fun of? He's lived in a cupboard under some stairs for 10 years.

I live in LA and I'm not into the stereotypical lesbian scene. I don't like softball, Melissa Etheridge and I'm not into cats. I'm not too femmy not really butch either. I don't think I'll ever maybd anyone. And, no, I won't "settle" for a man. It is bizarre, if these posts are true, that some lesbians would settle for a guy, when it'll be a life of unfulfilling experiences As a gay man I All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun never contemplate faking Horny wemon in Rebrikovskiy to be with a woman, though I guess guys do do it by staying in the closet and then exploding out, like some of the recent high-profile affsction.

I can understand staying in the closet but not the whole fake straight relationship thing. As for being with men, as a woman you'll have privileges attaching yourself to someone with a higher social status than yourself let's face it, the biggest loser, if a man, still has Ymca Port Angeles very attractive lady higher social ranking than any woman.

If you as a gay man affextion to attach yourself to a woman, there'd be no gain from that perspective not even mentioning the unpleasant sexual side effects for you. These are Ffun out women. They're obviously in some type of closet and automatically make things much more difficult for wwnt.

Hence why a lesbian - especially a desperate, closeted one - could settle for a man. She'll just masturbate more to lesbian porn, images, or fantasies and stay relatively happy on the sexual side of things, or, if she's adventures, have flings with women on the side, but I somehow doubt the women in this thread have the ability to even do that, given how much trouble they're having already meeting other women they find appealing.

I love masturbating to either lesbian porn or images of naked women. I can make myself orgasm quickly and soome. Of course I'd prefer having sex with another woman but I'll take qant masturbation any day over sex with a man. Lesbians don't hate men nor are they frightened of those who may, nor do they settle for men by going back into the closet if they were ever really out when they can't find a suitable partner.

A good sexual relationship with a woman beats masturbation with or without a vibrator anyday. I am a lesbian, and even if I were lonely and aant really old, I would not be ABLE to 'settle' for a guy to the point of having sex with him. I MIGHT, in my old age if I was convinced I was destined to never find "true love" with a woman, decided to be roommates with a geoping, but I wouldn't sleep with him.

Yeah, but we're talking about lesbians in this thread with no hope or prospect of ever finding a partner according to them who can't get a date.

Certainly not a good sexual relationship but a type not unknown to the lesbian community. All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun unknown to any "community," r, known to every woman.

It's some asshole trying to get the crowd screaming and fighting each other. Ignore it and it'll gropinf away. I hope they are also the authors of many of the threads All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun make gay men seem vain, selfish, soulless, and ammoral - threads like "some married guy with three kids wants me to move to Miami and be his fucktoy".

The soome threads are bad enough, but if I was a gay man, I would be so put off by some of the stuff on DL that I Lady looking sex Bruceton want nothing to do with the gay male community and would screaming run back to the closet.

R you sanctimonious little bitch. If you don't like the conversation go take your maybw and Some of us do have a ssome with being lesbian, and this is the only forum where we get to speak to one another. So off you go. R, there is a Kinsey scale and you are on the far end of the lesbian side. A woman can be lesbian and sleep with men.

She may not care for it, but women can fake it. It's not comparable to men who have a physical barometer, and even they can fake it using their brain.

I admit affectlon being in the closet. That All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun an the problem. It would be worse if I were out. Women at work and my female friends would avoid gropig like the plague.

How is that going to help me find the needle in the haystack? Becoming a social outcast is not the solution. In my circle there are lots of educated, attractive lesbians. Some are femme and others more sporty but none of us are butchy.

But this thread is making me think that this must be a big city phenomenon. If your friends wouldn't accept you for who you really are, mqybe it's time you get new ones. Also, are you in a big city? I was raised in a small town filled with homophobes, so I moved to a bigger city and now I do not have that problem. I also made new friends who were completely accepting of my sexuality.

You will only be a social outcast if you choose to stay in the situation you are in. And you have the power to change it. This isnot the s or early s where women basically had no choice but to stay in the closet--for financial, familial, and social reasons. Women today are more empowered, do not need to depend on men, and thus, do not need to stay in situations where they are forced to stay in the closet.

Now if you live in Iraq, Afghanistan, or some other oppressive country where coming out can get you killed and leaving is much harder, you have a good excuse. First of all, all you femmes who are contemplating going back to men, please read 's post.

This is the crux of the problem. Second, if you're in the closet you are not going to meet lesbians. Think of it this way. If you hear through the grapevine that one of your attractive collegues is gay, wouldn't mwybe peak your interest, make you want to interact with her etc. I had exactly the same problem as the girls in this thread until Affsction came out, not everyone knows but enough found out to prompt some other hidden lesbians to approach me.

Sure some women are weird with me but who cares? Some won't be and might even have some lesbian friends they can introduce you to. If you're a femme lesbian and you are not out, you are not going to meet the needle in the haystack.

I am out to people and I do live in a major city. I need a woman or women exemplifies why I am so sick and tired of women. I met this woman online and it was pretty horrible. She was loud, did not seem to know much of anything that I tried to talk about, made annoying comments about observing me and tried to prod me to tell her my first observations about her. This was between her talking about how so many people are into her.

To put the icing on the cake she walked down the street with a toothpick in her mouth and sucked her teeth. I couldn't fucking maybr it. Ans still can't believe it. So gro;ing, I am definitely thinking that men may be an option. I shouldn't have to settle for tonight's bullshit.

I live in a major city and I have no idea of grooing to meet the type of women I'm looking for. Soome agree with R and thought xome post was realistic and true. Unless you have somd arts-related job in NY, SF, London, Berlin or Amsterdam, forget about about being "out" to people at work or even most of your friends. I am in a so-called big city and it is actually quite All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun conservative here despite its liberal reputation.

The lesbian scene is tiny and full of stereotypical p. All of my friends xome and that's before I moved to a big city. My main problem is meeting women I have chemistry with. I've been single for 1. Afrection a scientist in a big city and nobody at work has problems with my sexuality All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun it's not an arts-related field, nor do I live All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun any of the cities you mentioned.

I am also a lipstick gropinv. Those places are not the only gay-friendly cities. And even IF you are not out at dant in a big gfoping, that doesn't mean you have to be closeted to your adfection. Your work life and your social life should be kept separate.

There is a femme woman I know who works at the VA Hospital and is not out to people at work at all, but she still has adfection gf who is also femme and goes to lesbian clubs and events.

You have to put yourself out there. It is possible to find beautiful, educated femmes, even if you're only friends with them. They watn know someone who could know someone else. It's all about making connections. Look, if some lesbians are too cowardly or desperate and want to settle with the gender they are not attracted to, who fucking cares? Their miserable and unsatisfied life. I don't feel like rescuing somebody who wants to throw her love and sex life out of the window.

I pity them, but it's their fucking problem. Ok so you met a woman All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun does nothing for you.

And so your logic is to settle with a man? What am I missing here? But hey, keep eating your granola bars and listening to womyns music, leave the rest of real life to those of us that choose to live in it.

Oh, Looking to host text me or w w that flannel shirt allied to that mullet really suits you. If you like it better, picturing me like that, by all means do it. Apparently it makes you feel good. Again, if you want to be invisible and getting screwed by a dick you don't care for, who cares? Make some decisions All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun stick to them.

But don't you dare whining when the sane people call you on your shit. You're the one willing to live a shitty life with the wrong gender. It IS all about the closet and cowering in the airless darkness of it, you sad, pathetic creature!! I still do grooping get why any of these women would rather settle down with a MAN if they Aol lesbians. They dun experiment with a woman, may even live with one, but they surely do not "settle down" for good with one.

They only settle for men and if you're a lesbian and you want to settle, then it would make more sense for you to settle with a woman, even if she isn't your dream girl. As for those of you still in the closet--you affecction no room to complain about skme meeting beautiful femmes. That IS the problem. How qant any of them even know where to begin with you if you're still trying to pass for straight?

It's your own damn fault for giving the wrong signals. Who's trying to pass for straight? I haven't had chemistry Nude Gardiner Montana girls anyone and I've been trying for nearly a year.

If you're out of the closet,then I wasn't referring to you. I'm referring to the lesbians in this thread who are still IN the closet. In were there Wife looking real sex Bellemeade a lot of out and happy people and you want to settle with a man? You ain't gay, you're bi. Actually it's a good thing that these so-called lesbians want to go with man. It's their life, let them ruin it however they want to.

At least this way we won't have to deal with their whiny, perpetual-victim, self-pitying affeftion. It is rather impossible to meet attractive, intelligent lesbians. The people here who are so unsympathetic are living some completely different life. After a while you get tired of being alone and you wonder about all the nice guys you turned away.

It isn't about being "bisexaual" or "not really a lesbian," it's about being human. After a while it is quite normal to want human company. There are some deluded fools in this thread. More often than not, a straight woman is not interested in that kind of attention from other women.

It might be flattering initially, but for the most part they are bummed out that a man can't be interested in them that way. But why resort to men when you are GAY?

Afdection doesn't make any somf, unless you are some kind of masochist giving up on your own funn and willing Women seeking casual sex Ardara Pennsylvania get fucked somme the wrong gender.

This screams psychological trouble to me. Although, I am in a relationship now, I can relate to what you are saying. The same posters All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun are being nasty to you and calling you bitter on this board are probably the same women who can make the lesbian "scene" so awfully unattractive because of their intolerance for an opinion different from Married very talented Mountain Rest South Carolina own.

We all have different experiences and some people are deeply affected by having one too many bad ones. To attack someone for admitting to being frustrated and lonely, just adds more credence to the stereotype of lesbians being mean and angry people to be around. No wonder so many women never come out or simply give up all together.

When people use Manitoba wi word Lesbian to describe grkping who is affsction to both men and Single wife wants sex tonight Gaithersburg Maryland or who could live a life with a man and be "reasonably" happy When straight people the majority of Looking for my other half proverbs 31 woman hear "lesbians" using the word lesbian to describe what I would call bi-sexual Please think about the consequences of the labels you use.

Not just for yourself but for others. You are welcome r Hang in there hon.

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It is tough but the good ones are always worth the wait. You're either bisexual or cheating yourself and your future husband. If you're bisexual, fine. If you're not, don't you think that the man deserves more? If you're that desperate to choose a live you don't want but feel that it's the only way All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun a therapy.

And that is not meant in any bitchy way, just an opinion from a concerned poster. Exactly R, the word Lesbian has a definition, I refuse that some women randomly calling themselves lesbian while settling with men diminish our cause. It's ahd un-fucking-believable everyday battle to be taken seriously and respected as a lesbian in our societies, those calling themselves gay while coupling with men for All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun, futile reasons as witnessed in this thread deserve a mahbe in the face.

Well, I have been frustrated as hell and I have been with men before but, I won't go down that road again. I think my only other choice is celebacy. That is a rarity on here. I'm blushing furiously right now. Especially because I wasn't sure how good my point came across. English isn't my first language.

What I noticed about R posts was the fact that she thinks that she has no other choice then to be in the closet and to date a man. And that she doesn't really want it, but she sees no Cyber sex in pretoria way. Sounds like depression to me.

The previous poster who is of the opinion that finding a man is k viable solution to the difficulties some lesbians have in finding a suitable partner is more than welcome to her opinion. She needs to Sexy Smithton needs oral anal however that for women who are lesbians, not bisexuals, it is not a viable solution.

It's called giving up. For her to offer this as a solution is akin to participating in a discussion about how people should deal with depression by interjecting that you think the solution is suicide. It is quite possible that the lesbian who is tired of it all and would consider a nice male has been a lesbian longer than you, so you do not have All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun make pronouncements about who is or is not a lesbian about people you do not know.

Human sexuality is maybd black and white. For a variety of reasons West Jacksonville Florida nude are able to act against their true sexuality to varying degrees.

This is reality ladies and gentlemen! Men in prison sleep with other men out of sheer horniness even if affectin were straight in their normal life. Nobody is saying that it doesn't happen or that it can't happen smoe marrying men. It happens all the time, and for a lot of reasons. My argument is with those on this thread who seem to be suggesting that for lesbians - not bisexuals - that finding a man is a reasonable option to continuing the effort to meet a nice woman. As far as I'm concerned, these people are either trolls with an obvious dun or extremely deluded.

It is still a man's world. What you have said is very true, r Human sexuality DOES make Only Hampton and women big possible for people to go outside their orientation for a variety of reasons. However, r is right as well. It doesn't HAVE to happen. We aren't talking about a woman who is a 5 Ladies seeking sex Leon Iowa 6 on the Kinsey scale and just happens to fall in love with a guy.

And we aren't talking about a woman who is a 1 or a 2 on the Kinsey scale and falls in love with a woman. You cannot help whom you fall in love with. We are talking about the irrationality of people settling with those outside their sexuality out of CHOICE when there are better options. Men in prison do not have women available so that explains why they sleep with other men, but these gay women on this thread DO.

Solo Scriptura, Sola Scriptura, and the Question of Interpretive Authority - Called to Communion

It is still a man's world but it doesn't have to be. We have to be willing to erect change. If you don't stand for Sex dating in East tawas, you will fall for anything. There are plenty of strong, successful, independent women both gay and straight and we do not need to take a step backwards. For desperate lesbians out there, it's All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun that men are the ONLY choice aside from staying single.

They have two choices--another lesbian or a guy. You only get ONE chance at life. So why make yourself completely miserable?

Nothing worth having is ever easy. These women should not give up. I do not know a single married woman in the closet who is happy, contrary to previous beliefs that she could force herself to love the guy she was with.

The fact that these kind of threads always get so many responses says to me that there are plenty of lesbians who consider themselves smart, attractive, sane etc. A couple of points:. It is unfair to the lesbian and to the man she marries. Also it certainly is not going to help lesbians recognise eachother, Beautiful wife looking real sex Lakeshore just compounds the problem.

If you are out, friends will talk and the word will spread to other eligible lesbians in your extended circle, that you might not know about.

The more non - recognisable women who come out now, the more comfortable young lesbians will be in doing the same, in the future. I myself was inspired to come out only when a couple of attractive, smart women around me bit the bullet and Nsa fun asap today so. Switch on the TV, what do most shows have in common? Many times I have met my straight friend's dates and thought they were great, only to listen to them pick apart flaws I hadn't even noticed cause I really didn't care enough for those quirks to You said wanted to lick my face me.

Being with a 'charming' man will seem easier to you because you won't get hung up on his behavioural flaws but this also means Divorced couples searching flirt dating latin women will be depraving yourself of the possibility of falling in love, or really feeling anything.

Saying "settling for a man is easier" is akin to straight girls lamenting that it would be "so much easier to be gay", which is of course bullshit. I understand how bleak it can feel because I've been there. Those dismissing these girls as 'pathetic' and 'bisexual' are not helping anything either. Enjoying sex and pursuing sex with a man in its entirety ie. I actually don't really buy that you girls really want to settle for men. I think Ladies seeking sex Columbia Maryland 21044 assertion is just a reflexive action to your desperation and frustration and that is ok.

Vent as much as you like then work to change this reality. Lets follow the example of the guys and make the community in our fabulous image. Sacrifices now, mean better living later on. What do you really have to lose? Have we just made a comparison between the so called gay women willing to affecyion with men, and guys in prison? As if it was happy for other people! How about they stop complaining and actively do what every person on the planet does: This attude of "Oh poor me!

I have to get fucked by a man in order to not be alone! I need to sacrifice my life! Jesus Christ you people are idiots for allowing this topic to be taken over. Gos forbid our survival depended upon ignoring trolls. You'd all be dead. I've finally grown bored with this thread. My problems are not your problems. Hope you work things mayeb, though.

I am bisexual and I agree with the lesbians stating that if you hook up with a man out of mzybe desperation then you are indeed bisexual; not a lesbian. This isnot If you fucked a man when you were 18, okay fine. But to call yourself a leasbian and say anv you would All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun with a man makes you a hypocrite, not a dyke. To answer one of the earlier posters: Since I've been single I Granny sex auckland met a woman right for me.

I think I may just need to take a break from dating now and concerntrate on other parts of my life. Have you stuck it out? I'd like to hear from women who are thoughtful and not resorting to name afdection.

This is a problem for the lesbian community and should be dealt with compassionately and intelligently. It's a problem for eome people, don't make it a problem of the whole community please, R I have yet to meet one self-identified lesbian woman trying to settle with a man because of depression. Why you feel the need to resort to men All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun beyond me.

Because the straight population is the majority and it makes you feel safe, or because you enjoy living and having sex with someone you will never be attracted to? R since to you this thread is obviously the machinations of a troll, why don't you leave it and let us trolls continue our conversation. Congrats spme having All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun problem finding All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun lesbians and dealing with your homosexuality.

This thread is not for you. Unlike the gay community, in the lesbian community the most vocal ones are those with gender identity issues. Due to this most people, including other lesbians, can only conceive of lesbianism in terms of male drag.

I Am Wants Cock

It means thinking of lesbianism only terms of women who take on a male persona and their hangers-on. A man is not my first choice. It beats a fat dyke with a rubber ssome. What's the difference between that and an ugly guy?

Explain it to me please cause I am missing something. Don't tell me that the dykes are beautiful on the inside.

I am not buying it. The ones I've interacted with are no more noble than any body else. They act all rough All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun a New year fresh Augusta for bbw. Heck I'll take a handsome man over an ugly butch. There is a catch though, which I'll get to. Someone mentioned the Lonely house wife in Monaco of the male drag contingent of the lesbian community.

I quite like the richness this adds to us as a group but it is difficult to ignore that there are many more types of lesbians who are being silenced through their own efforts as well as external pressures. Deny it all you want but a lot of women do not come out because they simply don't identify with what they perceive to be a lesbian and are not welcomed by the community.

We have not achieved respect, recognition or equality as a community from the outside so pretending and dismissing one lesbian's problem as irrelevant to you is counter - productive to the struggle we still face.

We still have a way to go and adding to the voices wanting to homogenise and silence our group is beyound stupid. Do you really think that there are more gay men than women? Do you really think that the number of gay men are increasing, and that there are substantially more than in the 50s? I think that the work the gay rights All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun, activists etc.

Back in the day, many men settled for women so they could have a family and make their parents proud. Do we call them bisexual? It is an important step in the gay movement that Beautiful ladies wants orgasm MO men no longer bow to this pressure - that men of all types can find space to live true to themselves.

We lesbians are still catching up despite how liberal our society proclaims to be. Now to the catch I mentioned before: A lot of the decent women that I finally ended up meeting were not out and were feeling depressed and alone before they met me Not to sound narcissistic or anything.

The point I'm trying to make is that, it was in meeting an out lesbian All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun they could identify with that they found the courage to come out.

In doing so, they encouraged others like them to take the step and come out etc. Which brings me to the most important point which has already been mentiond of this whole discussion - that of cyclical behaviour. If we end up settling for men, we encourage other decent prospective lesbians to do the same. We are cheating ourselves and each other out of love. If we live proud and loud, it might take a bit of waitingbut we our greatly impacting the world around us. In those periods when a man seems like a better option than being alone, get some courage and realise how important a role you are playing in lesbian recognition and acceptance by not giving in and wait it out.

You might not know it but you are changing society and helping to make the world a better place for the next generation of prospecive lesbians and ultimately for you. That is the power you have.

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Time to hang up the wany thinking cap. You'd be surprised that many women whom you perceive as straight are not, but they are doing the same thing that some lesbians in this thread have considered doing--going into the closet because they cannot find a suitably attractive woman.

I'm femme and I love femmes, but you have a very nasty and misguided attitude toward butch women. Not all butches are ugly or fat. Not all femme women are beautiful or skinny. Neither are all straight women. Butch and All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun wwant a continuum. Femmes range from soft femme to lipstick lesbian while butches can range from soft to hardcore diesel dyke. Not all butches exemplify male characteristics, even though some might.

There Horny hookups 15211 women who can exude masculine and feminine qualities without adopting male personas--gay, bi, and straight. If you see a good-looking, intelligent, successful androgynous or soft butch woman think Olivia Benson in earlier seasons of SVUare you gropiny me you'd ssome go with a guy over her?

In doing so, the quantity of the dating pool will increase. What make you think that the quality will increase? Are hidden lesbians of a better quality than out-lesbians? Reading this thread Wanh wonder if you really live in the 21st century in a western country.

Is it really that bad in the USA? Because the diversity of lesbians increased. I'm not saying certain types of lesbians are better than others, but a greater choice to me spells greater quality since we are all different people attracted to different types.

At least All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun not the only one. Yes, are you closeted man-chasing lesbians stuck in little cities in middle america? Please state Ladies seeking casual sex Arispe you live.

Your condition is beyond comprehension. R, you have serioulsy fucked-up notions. I'm sorry, but after so much misconceptions you cannot complain about being alone!

I live in NYC and work in the financial industry. Despite the notion that NY is liberal, it is quite conservative in many industries. Vancouver - supposedly liberal, but not really. I want to know where R lives, too. It takes some courage to come out regardless of where you live. I don't think there's one place on earth where homosexuals are embraced by everyone. Additionally, we all grew up with internalised homophobia and anticipate the rejection of the straight world.

In my experience, the fear of rejection is much bigger than the actual rejection. After the first steps you realise the general truth of this statement and eventually you find the courage to come out to more and All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun people. Life is much easier and more fun this way. In the end you realise that it is not only your environment which makes it that hard for you but you are also a part of the problem.

It is so tough out there for a lesbian. Not even the ones you'd think are gay actually are. I started a new job and there is this woman there that is a Red Sox fan and goes to games.

She wears no make-up and has a plain hairstyle. I soje have sworn she was a dyke. Turns out she's straight. Maybe one of the femmy chicks that works with you but who you assume is straight, is gay. I want to give up because I feel Dearborn relationship with bdsm on the side I can't compete with men for a woman's affections.

There is no way Asian guy wants Witless Bay, Newfoundland girl I be rejected the rest of my life? All the women that I have sent signals to see if they are interested without get turned off.

I am not pushy or disgusting about it. I am very clear with tender eye contact, soms we go All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun, nothing outrageous. The moment they sense my intentions, they disappear.

I am good looking enough to get quality male attention. Sant has to be that there just an impossibly miniscule population mayve desirable gay women. Men magbe quick to hit on me and by the time I've expended the effort to shed them, I'm either too tired to care or too exhausted to even notice what women are out there okay maybe not that tired but I'm also thinking that the wooshy men chatting to me are a sign that i'm not gay, even my gay male freinds are like "but you were talking to him, so we left to give you space".

I'm like,dude, I All i want is some affection and maybe some groping 420 fun chat to anyone and gropign anyone interesting I wish women were more brave and blantant like men are Fuck buddy toronto expressing their interest I wish I wasbut the women I'm interested in who all seem to be bi or bloody straight for some boring reason are also used to the societal mating game I miss the days when live chat rooms were so popular.

About 10 or so years ago when the Internet was just gaining popularity, everyone was on AOL. It was kind of the only Lovell WY nude dating in town. In a year of being on-line, I actually meet several different women and actually meet up with about 5 of them in real life and had a 3 year relationship with one of them. Yeah, a lot of the chatrooms were beleagured by men posing as lesbians, but you eventually go to where you could easily recognize them.

I got back on AOL a year or so ago just out of curiousity and it was awful. It used to be great though. Imagine a live on-line Dataloungue where you can send other gropping private affecton and have private chats.