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Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date

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Girl on the Ho waiting for an attractive woman, ages 22-40, race, height and weight doesnt matter. Lets hope so haha. Waiting for fun waiting for nsa fun we can hangout maybe have some drinks.

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Let go of the hate I really hope you two change. Also when you say Latino, do Afro latino's count. There's elegant whites, bold and creamy blacks, zestly and mouth- sizzling hispanics, curious and astounding indians, shy and cute asians, then you have burnt trash.

Kindly escort yourself to that last one and I'll kindly tip my hat to you and be on my way. Hahaha, quote me, hun.

There's no getting through to people like you. Apparently you aren't civilized and since we've brought in the metaphor of a "fence," that must indicate that you are trailer trash, yes? Look up the curiosity and mysteries of indian women. Sheesh, you probably just want attention. This topic is WAY too controversial.

And yes, Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date women. I love em and I've had plenty, even women your age Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date I'm Take a jou into open traffic, silly woman. Both races are equally beautiful in their own respects. Why would you be disappointed? Love has no sagr or boundaries, it will go anywhere where two individuals Horny girls near me Whitewater Kansas to go.

Sorry but this is kind of ignorantjust my opinion. I end up having to explain myself to a bunch slutx douchebags. Explain why do you hate it so much? Doesn't bother me, race isn't an issue So long as they're nice people it's fine with me. Ha, my own race? My own sagr is no different from others, people are no better than any others, everyone is ky.

I'm white, so what? People with tan skin have a minor difference which is only in a single gene, other than that they are completely identical to any other person.

What makes white people better than others? Some of the nicest people I've met aren't even from datee race. They are just nice people, their race has no real factor on that, their religion and culture might, some are brought up to respect others and respect life and there's nothing wrong with that.

I mean you're hating entire groups of people based on what? White people can be ,y to.

People from different sults are everywhere We have people who are clearly not white irish, here, do some people still dislike them? Racism is most likely from how you were raised or your beliefs.

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I've been around racist people they usually have other family members with the same views. Whereas no one in my family is racist, I'm not racist Free sex personal Richmond Michigan. As I said, who my kids date is not my business, I'm not living their lives for them I'm proud to be a person, I'm no different from anyone Of course I'm talking up different races, it's not like I have to convince you white people are great That's why I'm omitting talking that up.

Why is it a factor? They come here to make a living, just like everyone tries to do in Housewives looking sex tonight Hereford Arizona and should be entitled to do. So don't go talking about "recent mass Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date when you don't have any more right to live where you do than anyone from any other country.

I would like to remind you guys that other races don't think like this. It's not a strict preference, often it's because of where they live or the fact that they are often expected to date people of that race, I'd date a lot of people from a lot of races, but if you live in Ireland there isn't many people other than white people I don't have preference for my own race, but I'm not denying my kids that You clearly have a clouded view, very few others here have this issue In the end, the way the world is evolving and humans are trying to insure their survival, things like race are a waist of time.

The thing a person would instinctively worry about is finding the most attractive person to mate with to help their generation of children to have a higher probability to get a mate. Pride for your country is fine in my opinion but skin color Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date not. Where ever your born Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date that's what you are. You sound like such an uptight bitch, it hurts my brain.

I doubt the world is missing out on much to be quite frank with you. Haha then you need to grow up if that's all it takes to anger you. Training to be a lawyer so yeah that's true but how would you know anything about that.

Mainly just closed minded people hurt my brain the most.

If no one is supposed to date slutty girlswhat's the problem? - GirlsAskGuys

I'm biracial I would let my kids date whatever race they chose. I've watched my friends and their families go through this some of them have tried their hands as love and marriage and will never marry again yet they end up having kids this is the new trend no more "blended families" everyone has multiple half siblings and sometimes this is damaging to the kids.

I wouldn't want my kids to go through that just because I didn't want the to marry someone because of the color of their skin. Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date like to believe that people are inherently good so I assume you really truly love your kids unconditionally and I Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date that if one were to ever truly want to marry someone outside of their race and start a family that they'd be able to change your mind.

Why do you think this is just because you are white? Everybody has a preference but the fact that you would stop your children because of YOUR preference is wrong if they love somebody.

That is like somebody getting in the way of your love because say I never did deny that but if I had a black friend that only dated blacks I would ask the same questions. I'm sure there is some truth to that but just because others don't share the same beliefs you shouldn't hate them or be disgusted by them. I'm not disgusted by people who date within their own race. I've only dated within my race but I'm all for dating outside it if I connect to the person as an individual.

I guess I can understand that. People who have dated outside their race isn't because they lack pride though. I'm proud of European accomplishments but say I dated an Asian girl or something it doesn't mean I now hate my ancestry. Asians have accomplished great things throughout their history too so I would respect that and try to raise our kids with pride in both you know? I wouldn't suddenly hate one or the other. I didn't say it was I was just saying that those who don't isn't because they lack pride or Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date.

I think your choice of the word "condone" is interesting. Swinger women seeking man Effingham for the parent s I think it's more "accept Woman wants casual sex Sparks Nebraska or "accept unhappily", not "condone".

If you decide to "accept unhappily" the question then becomes, what to do about it You've already Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date one comment about that, "that would be how you kill me". Again, I think the words here should instead be, "that might be why I kill myself".

Your child isn't saying, "Mom, I'm dating a black guy and now I'm going to kill you". Instead, your child is saying, "Mom, I'm dating a black guy". You can then choose to kill yourself. I am white and for me this is only a hypothetical question because I have no kids. I can tell you that my parents do not care about the racial background of anyone I date.

I see no purpose in judging someone based on the racial background they were born into rather than the individual they are. If I did, not only would that devalue them as a person, it would also devalue me as a person because I wouldn't be able to Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date through superficial things like skin to make a judgement on an individual.

If your son or daughter is dating a black person which is hypothetical for you too since you're under I'd suggest trying to make a different choice - rather than anger,try different approach If you get to know them on a personal level rather than as that person of another race I hope this was helpful.

It's not like they would be dating an alien. It's another human being. And as long as they love each other then race shouldn't matter. Yes I'm white and dating a black guy so I guess I'm biased. It just makes me sick to hear what closed minded people like you say about dating interracially. So here's a scenerio for you: I mean seriously, I don't think I'll ever understand how people like you think.

You would be worried for her health and safety? If he's a good Housewives seeking casual sex California Maryland regardless of race then I doubt her safety would be in jeapardy. Plenty of white guys are douchebags and assholes. Character is based on the person and as long as a man shares the sane values and morals as I do then I'll date him regardless of his race.

Oh so I see, her kid can date non-white people but not aliens? Apparently other species aren't considered people. When they get here they're going to be piiiiiiissed.

Hey love is all that matters. If the kid wants to date an alien then that's their choice: I don't think many people have experienced such a ridiculous scenario. I never called you any names but you tou are sn idiot. And exactly, this is my opinion. You asked a question and I answered.

Ready Private Sex Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date

I'm certainly not closed minded. I just don't stereotype people unlike you. And Spinnerstown-PA orgy threesome not unrealistic at all. Grow up, white men do the sane things you're stereotyping black men for.

Grow up and look at the world around you instead of being so consumed in hatred. No you're an idiot because you are attacking my opinion and think every opinion besides your own is wrong or "politically correct". I never called you racist, I just gave my point of view. That's you saying you're better than everyone else of another race. I'm not attacking you, merely giving my opinion of your thoughts.

And you just seem very closed minded. I wouldn't have a problem with it to be frank, I've dated interracial and people are people I Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date however "warn" my children that there might be uncomfortable moments with regards to people who aren't as open minded such as yourself who might give them Naughty wives want real sex South Bend looks or even hatespeach.

I would not be openly mean to his or her boyfriend gf. I mean what is the inherent difference between a white person and a black person? First off, I'm white. I can't condone any type of dating limitation based on "race.

I reserve the right to make judgement beyond that on factors that, to me, actually matter, but personally, it makes my stomach turn to think that "race" would keep people apart. So basically, if anyone dates outside of their race, they are doing it to be politically correct If there are people like you that actually believe that, I have some serious doubts about the future of Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date human race.

I hold all sorts of different nationalities in high esteem, so this sort of miscegenation would be totally fine by me. Jesus wasn't probably white, he had even a black ancestor, according to the Bible: Well I am white and date interracially.

In fact I have a 6 year old daughter who's father is black. I will always incourage her to go with her heart and feelings whether her choice be white, black, aisian, or a green person from Mars! Color and race have so very little to do with what a person really is and I personally think it is a shame that so many, whites especially resent and oppose interracial relationships. I hopefully soon will be pregnant once again with the father being black. I am very proud of my daughter and look forward to having a brother or sister Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date I will be just as proud of.

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For those of you who might wonder about the effects on the children, well Alexis is very secure with her life, has very good friends of most Horny women in Bloomsburg, PA race, does great in school and has never had a problem with any of her friends or kids from school etc making an issue of race with her.

I will never stick my nose into whatever my children deside to date as it is something that comes from the heart and mind and forbidding it will not stop it. In your case you are racist against black men and that is a big difference! I don't care who they are or what race so long as they treat my kid well, are a good person, cared, were kind, and well Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date just over all a good person, and had the same values as my child.

And so long as they're mature and respectable. It doesn't matter race so long as they're both safe, healthy, and happy. I'd just be happy my kid found some one he loved and wanted to be with, and was happy.

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You DO know that race is a social construct right? It is something that was made up to categorize people. We are all products of our environment and that's it. Also on a side note, I have family members like you and eenogh their parents didn't condone interracial dating they actually did it more out of rebeliion. The more you tighten your fist the faster a person will slip through your fingers.

Also I noticed you mentioned something about "white pride" what eongh human pride? Labels are the reason there is so much hatred in the world.

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We survive by pulling together not by seperation. I think all forms of racial pride and nationalism divides enovh the sooner we put race behind us the better off humanity will be. I wasn't bashing your methods Free massage nothing else was just mentioning Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date own.

I even informed you on how I noticed when people are strict anti-interracial dating their children are more likely to engage in it. I slts mean to come off as rude or anything. I apologize if I did. I have an honost question though. What if your child was interested in somebody of a different race ebogh was adopted by white parents and raised "white? Yeah I guess we are all raised differently and have vastly different believes we just all have to learn to accept it I guess.

I don't have kids yet, so this is coming from a hypothetical point of view, but as long as my kids bring home people who respect them, treat them well, are hard-working and generally good people I couldn't care less what Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date preyt is.

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I'll confess something not sure if this is PC but it's over rated anyway lol, seriously though I mean no offence - I think inter-racial children are really beautiful a lot of the time.

It's not to say full blood children of a specific race aren't beautiful, I just think that sometimes you get the best features of both races in inter-racial children. Now, I know that race can be a kind of sexual preference for people, which is all right I suppose- attraction is important.

That's teaching your children to be racist and it's really pretty ridiculous when you think about it. You would rather your Are you a down to San Jose California lady date the worst white man in the world abusive, criminal, drug addict etc.

Why would I care? It has nothing to do with me as long as they are with someone who Greeley PA sexy women about them and they are safe.

Why does it matter so much to you? Also I'm black and I date mostly white guys. I don't care to explain myself any further. I don't really need to convince anyone Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date I feel the way I do about certain things. I have a lot in this post and I don't care to anymore. I just don't get why it matters to anyone I mean I got nothing against any race and as long as my kid is safe I'm happy. I'm in an interracial relationship and love it.

Now I'm not sure how I feel about dating hateful, evil, racist, ignorant, hideous idiots. That will be all. How ironic that there's an interacial dating ad right next to this topic.

Kinda speaks for itself eh? Up to their preference. All it matters is if they have sex. And if they do, I'm getting rent from them regardless of age. Race doesn't mean anything anymore and its sad to see people who still think of it as an important issue. I will bestow great knowledge on my children which I hope will see them through generations to come. One being that racial division is a thing of the past and no matter what scientific explanation there is to why there are races or why races should stick to their own.

All that really matters is finding the one that makes Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date happy and understands you, your Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date, your heart, and soul. Narrow mindedness of race is just showing how scared or unwilling a person is to honestly be themselves and search with a blindfold for the one they truly want.

I'm a realist who dares to dream. Society has its influences on me as with everyone else. However my views are my own, I know this because I analyze just about everything about myself. I see what works the best concerning my interests. Over 40 swingers Tupelo 99 me not focusing on race will help me find people I enjoy being with the most.

Reddit is also anonymous so you can be yourself, with your Reddit profile and persona disconnected from your real-world identity. jump to content If You Still Love Her After A Week You're Doing It Wrong. submitted 11 months ago by Bacon_Bitz 29 comments “nigga” + white bitmoji = someone you don’t want to date. permalink; embed. I get what your saying and yeah I don't get mad about that it is more when sluts try to date decent guys when they are sluts. If you would like to continue to spread your legs to whomever.. go for it BUT don't expect anyone to want a long term rela. with you and since you don't expect that whatever lol I said it doesn't matter to. Sep 14,  · Hello everyone and welcome to You Must Be 18 Years or Older to Enter! I wanted to take a break from Moth light and so decided to play this game. I .

Maybe a bit prrty society has got you yourself a bit out of wack. Why do you even care about these things and screw Looking for cum Saint Mathieu de Beloeil, Quebec girl who has an ounce of racism within them, no matter what race. Besides you didn't even specify a race you said "White" which isn't a race, its a color. I'm starting to sniff pure ignorance within you. Allot of dumb sluys are legal now a days I guess.

No I'm African American or what you would like to say "Black". I think your major issue is that you focus on others do too much. Ever hear of minding your own business? Well it works in many ways so just stop worrying about what others think and do and just be yourself. Even if yourself is a racist, maybe some day someone will come along and help you not see people for their skin. Its your own life. If you don't like the idea of race, then why do you suddenly refer to yourself as african american.

If you acknowledge and accept the fact you have a problem then that's fine. You're no different than a proud psycho. If your parents told you to date a black man, would you? If they said that you had no choice, would you listen? Enohg not, so really you have no say in your child preference in dating. Maybe when there 16 or 17 but once there an adult your probably going Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date have interracial grand children. However, since your going to be dead the second they start dating people from the other races, you probably won't get to see them.

I would let my children date interracially, I am attracted to some races more than others but I see no problem in my children dating which ever they are more attracted too. I want my children Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date carry that same heritage. Your family is going to lose its heritage anyway not everyone is pure bred so why not focus on having a family value that goes on through generations rather than bbe and genes.

I thought everyone was equal. I mean I'm white. I appreciate all kinds of races. I date black guys, I've dated an Indian guy. Its different, its interesting. This is the ve century.

Times have changed grandma and grandpa. And the fact that you disapprove Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date will only encourage her desire for someone different anyway. Obv, you do know that humanity crawled out of East Africa and datte only reason your white is to allow your skin to absorb more vitamin D, from the low levels of sunlight in Europe.

I would only allow my children to date other humans. I'm just curious about why people like that are never satisfied with me. Its like they tell me not to bother with decent guys who want relationships but then still don't like that stay out of relationships and have casual sex. I doubt ill get a real answer. It doesn't matter if you don't do that, MOST women do that to a guy whose persistent and won't leave them alone. And its good that you do, because there's got to be a line drawn I don't think you want him following you to your car, and then to your house.

You make that value calculation in your head. So they tell you NOT to bother with guys that actually want relationships? There's a lot wrong with this post, but I'm only giving bullet points; a full response would be a book chapter: Utter myth; both cars are worth exactly the same on the open market that, wisely, doesn't give a damn how hard you worked for the vehicle.

Similarly, the woman who's worth more because you worked harder for her? Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date line is you are going to pick someone whose not creepy over someone who is.

And for the same reason. He's creepy beceause he's showing interest in you too soon and enpgh no apparent reason,and with that you percieve as being creepy. Sluts are slutty for the same reason, they are showing interest too soon and for no good reason.

Thats why they are both low value, and for the same reason. Yeah Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date people think slutty girls are not good enough for men who want relationships so you get a lot of hate when you are with one.

Sgae remember my last long term yyou and I got so many looks, people talking about me to my boyfriend, trying to break us up, telling him I can't be trusted, etc.

They thought he was too good for me. I guess they follow your way of thinking and saw me as less value and him as highest value. I like it when people say stuff like that.

Price is determined by how much an individual is willing Any women in tr pay. But you want it MORE because you had to earn it. To survive shar replicate.

I can write a whole book about how wrong you are, but then id feel bad. I don't see much rationality in this guys thinking. John Naisbitt," Money is intrinsically worthless. It's only "value" is what humans impute to it.

People value things more when they have to pay a cost for it, or work for it. Im going to jump in here.

Would you let your son or daughter date interracially? - GirlsAskGuys

So let me get this straight, if you worked your ass off for 4 years to get a degree and was told you weren't going to get one, you'd be fine with it? If you preyy a pretty good reason for liking a guy, and you are not easy then its not the same thing.

The thing about money is true definitely. I guess I don't see people as objects that's probably the main difference between our arguments.

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It just so happens if you have to work toward someone to get them to like you, you like them more. Which isn't really news. You can take any major psychology class and they will tell you that one.

Who do you think probably likes you more, the guy who takes you on a lavish dinner and spends time making you a card card, buys you roses and opens the door for you. OR the guy that takes you to taco bell and his whole "effort" is the dollar menu.

Look For Dick

Which one do you Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date probably likes you more? I think now it should be obvious to her. I see that if you drove it home its going to have less miles, which means kelly blue book value is technically less.

So even in that respect he's wrong, I don't think he bothered to read your whole post. We could get into the argument about intrinsic value.

So even if your religious, even the soul only has value that god has placed upon Lady want real sex Bloomville, even if if its seperate from human perception.

First, it isn't thinking at all so much as mere ill will. Second, you won't get along with them any better; they'll make sure of it. Third, you can be certain they won't do you the same courtesy. It's about all you can do. I like this comment. Not saying I like slutty guys but it's a true what this comment says.

For men, sleeping with many women is an impressive accomplishment. A man has to be very charming to sleep with many women. For a woman, sleeping with many men is not impressive.

Almost any woman can find a man every weekend without trying by standing around a pick-up bar and waiting. I actually responded to that comment on youtube- one of the main reasons girls don't sleep with every guy that comes up to them is because they don't want to be labelled a slut.

Why can't it just be OK for single people of either gender to sleep with who they want to sleep with? But they're not neccersarily prostitutes, they can just be normal women.

That is Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date double standard, it suggests that women should repress their sexuality. Most girls like sex just as much as guys do, and they would sleep around too, but they don't because they don't want to be called sluts.

Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date

Women actually do repress their sexuality, and because of this, a false perception of value is created. Its not a number thing, rather its who you are sleeping with. You think men are "praised" for sleeping with whores? Which means they are going to be selective with whom they date and have sex with. They don't have to have sex with whores, because women come to them.

ITs not in most mens reality that this even is real. In Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date words if you are an attractive guy, you are not "normal" because lets face it, most guys are tools. Average guys are not attractive. Which means if your an average guy and a woman sleeps with you, you could be considered a slut. Unless that man displays some kind of value. Average women are attractive. Also I think this 20 80 stat is hardly correct.

Average Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date doesn't mean average in looks, it means Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date as in number of men who are attractive to Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date. Looks are not enough when it comes to what women find attractive. Why do you think the saying "a good man is hard to find? Then what's the problem?

I'm okay with people not wanting to date me because I am promiscuous but I don't get why some people are mean or get angry with me if I'm just doing what they think I should be doing in the first place. Morals are a man-made concept. Safe, casual sex hurts nobody, so why is a girl bad for wanting it? I get what your saying and yeah I don't get mad about that it is more when sluts try to date decent guys If you would like to continue to spread your legs to whomever.

If you label someone as good or bad, you are forming an Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date of them, much like morals, if morals were simply an opinion as well. We might get back together in the future who knows or I might meet someone else.

I can tell you and I are different as women, as people, and I can assure you that any guy who is interested in me as a person will probably not be interested in you as a person.

Unfortunately its going to effect your relationships if the man thinks you are a slut. Sure most men will have sex with a slut, but then again most men are needy losers. They want desirable women, women that Adult seeking hot sex Hooversville have to at least put SOME effort into.

So they will use the slut for sex, and then dump her later because they feel she's of lower value. I know that's how you feel superdude and that's Licking Pussy in Billings Montana that's true for most guys. I'm not interested in dating most guys though.

LIke I said in my experience love just finds me. I do meet guys who aren't concerned with my reputation. That's all that matters to me. If most guys don't want to date me that's fine but I do attract the ones who do so I've never been worried about Ladies seeking sex tonight Silver Plume. I still don't see how that affects other peoples lives or how my choices in dating should upset them.

You shouldn't care about what other people think. But then again I would tell that to someone who was wearing a ski mask walking into a bank, just to hide his burns. And you can't change what other people think either, you can only change yourself. And if your not concerend about dating most guys, then by definition you're not a slut.

I said it doesn't matter to me who you date. I have morals and standards and you. So of course I will attract guys who are into what I am and have the same long term goals as I have and you attract guys who want a quick screw. Haha, Lucky just called both me and QA "moral-less", whereas she is the one that posts questions about getting raped, and how it's not a big deal because it doesn't affect her. I'm sorry Lucky but you are a joke, I think most people on here will agree with me.

Its not my job to care about you or your problems Its difficult for a man to get laid. Its rather easy for a woman to get laid, all she has to do is have a pulse, and sometimes not even then.

That's not exactly an accomplishment. I suppose if the girl looked like a 90 year old elephant man and smelled like wet garbage, and was cuaght having sex Woman looking sex Burney brad pitt. But the key is instead of thinking what's wrong with her and calling her a slut we would think what's wrong with Are you prety enogh to be my sgar sluts date. The man who has slept around has persuaded a lot of women.

The woman who has slept around has said yes to a lot of players. If no one is supposed to date slutty girls Ive noticed a lot of questions about slutty girls like me on here lol I just have a question. A lot of people believe that once a girl is a slut her reputation should be ruined, that she deserves no respect or anything, and that no guy should date her and that if he does it will end badly and he'll be seen Single horny Atlanta sluts a fool.

With me so far? So my question is that if we basically shouldn't have anything as far as relationships go other than sex, why are so many people still angry with us when we Beautiful woman looking sex tonight Elizabeth out and have casual sex with men?

If you already say that I shouldn't be with anyone romantically and that people should just use me for sex because supposedly it's the only thing I'm good for, why be angry when that is exactly what I go out and do? I go out and have sex with men without demanding commitment then some people still turn around and judge me for not wanting commitment and try to make me feel bad even though they, themselves, would never commit to a girl or guy like me.

That doesn't make sense. Why be angry and hateful towards me if that's the only thing you think I deserve in the first place? Isn't my behavior agreeing with how you feel about me? I just don't get this logic And I know not everyone has an issue with sluts but a lot of people on this site do so hopefully those people will answer my question.

I recently found out I have an anal skin tag. Are those really bad or a Carversville PA bi horney housewifes turn off? Freckles on my intimate parts. What can I do about my small penis?