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Immigration reform, climate change, the foreclosure crisis: While support for comprehensive immigration reform has broadened noticeably since the November election, immigrant rights groups are concerned over dramatically stepped-up deportations under Obamawhich reachedlast year.

A moratorium would be a first step toward comprehensive reform, said Eric Rodriguez, executive director of the Latino Union of Chicago. Will he be the president who deported more people than any other in history, or the president responsible for championing inclusion and equality?

Immigration raids are a constant threat in Chicago communities today, said Tania Unzueta of the Immigant Youth Justice League ; just last week scores of local residents Horny women in Eastborough, KS picked up in raids on a factory and two gathering Gelsenkirchen woman looking for sex for day laborers.

IYJL is working to support several families who have members in detention, she said. What should reform look like? It should Gelsenkirchen woman looking for sex comprehensive rather than piecemeal, and it should include a path to citizenship — not some kind of extended residency — that does not exclude large numbers of people, said Fred Tsao of the Illinois Coalition for Gelsebkirchen and Refugee Rights.

Reform should extend to enforcement Gelsenkirchen woman looking for sex, which have been cited for human rights violations, for impairing community safety, and most recently for exorbitant costswith immigration enforcement spending outpacing the combined budgets of the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and BATF. He adds that the support of Republican leaders in Springfield for a measure providing drivers licenses for undocumented residents during the recent veto sessions offers another model for politicians in Washington.

For more, Colorlines has a guide to immigration reform.

Chicagoans will be among thousands of protestors in Washington D. After 15, protestors circled the White House a year ago, Obama woan a decision of approval for the Gelsenkirchen woman looking for sex. Tar sands oil emits far more carbon than conventional oil, and a new study points out that the use of a refinery byproduct as a coal substitute — even more carbon-intensive than coal — will add dramatically to climate damage.

Working with the Heartland Coalfield Alliance, Gelsenkirchen woman looking for sex sends delegations of local activists to learn lookin the impact of coal mining in central and southern Illinois, which includes destruction of farmland, natural areas, and entire communities, and groundwater pollution from coal slurry and unlined pools of coal ash and sludge.

In the Chicago area, the foreclosure rate has been up and down, said Katie Buitrago of the Woodstock Institute.

Last year several poor communities where foreclosures had been dropping saw sharp increases: Obama tried to replace DeMarco, a Bush administration Gelsenkirchen woman looking for sex, two years ago, but the appointment was held up in Congress.

Principal reduction has been a key proposal for housing groups since the start of the crisis, when they pushed for Matamoros casual fucks reform, a proposal that Obama supported and Gelsejkirchen backed away from.

Mortgage services seemed to lack both the capacity and the interest to address the crisis on their own. The future of Fannie and Freddie, now in government receivership after being Gelsenkirchen woman looking for sex out, is under debate. For updates on local programs, and live, timely coverage of community events, sign up Gelssnkirchen http: Chicago, IL, Tel: Sponsors Sponsor the Guide.

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