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Many stores will choose to take down their signs when they close, most often in successful malls Married wife looking real sex Overland Park low turnover and high occupancy. This is not always the case in smaller or completely forgotten malls. Also, when store chains go out of business entirely, their signs tend to remain up for even longer. That explains the County Seat sign and many Montgomery Wards signage which remains up to this day on both the interior and exterior of many malls, 5 years after they went out of business.

Ice August 26th, at 6: This is a awesome dead mall. Kansas City has many dead malls…many. Tony Portnoy September 4th, at 5: Me and Married wife looking real sex Overland Park friends Wives seeking hot sex CA San diego 92106 upon this mall in October of by accident. We were in town for a wedding and were told to go to After Hours Formalwear to pick up our tuxedos. After driving around for some time, we realized that the store must be inside the mall.

To my surprise, it was the only store open, with the exception of a pet rescue facility where you could adopt homeless cats. I also realized that I had been to this mall before in with my parents when they came to visit me while I was attending the University of Kansas. It was much more lively then! The After Hours Formalwear was stated to close a month after we visited it. As you can see by the photographs, it did. Alex Johnson September 19th, at 6: It is really sad to see this mall this way.

It is really eerie to walk through the mall because it is so nice and clean but vacant of people and retail shops. I used to work in the mall at the Original Pizza which was on the first floor just across the way from where Skaggs Lady seeking real sex NC Denver 28037 later Osco was.

Now Gifts and Accents one of the only open stores has the entire spot where Skaggs was. I worked there as a teen from and during that time the mall was thriving. Note i worked in the Original Pizza before the food court was built.

They were building the food court shortly before I left in When I worked there all the food places were scattered throughout the mall. Which was better if you ask me Original Pizza really had good pizza and they still have a store in Oak Park and Shannon Valley center that I know of. Just really Wife want hot sex Pike Creek to see that mall empty…. Just entice tenants and the shoppers will come!

May 22nd, at 9: I know the owner of the Cigar and tabac cigar store now located at rd and Metcalf. He told me his original store was in Matcalf South Mall. Maybe you can add that to your list of stores that used to inhabit Married wife looking real sex Overland Park mall.

July 29th, at My brother Chris Smith worked at Original Pizza with some italian dude as manager. Another buddy of mine also worked there, Bob Simmering. March 10th, at I remember they were in a band together. I also remember Scott Kleban, what a character! December 11th, at Eddie Jacobson was in business with Harry Truman. My dad worked there until they closed. December 12th, at I loved their nachos and taco burgers.

That was in I definitely remember BA, Burstein Applebee. I remember all the stores you mentioned. Do you remember the huge slides at French Market that became K-Mart? First I won at Nickelodeon. I remember the first video games at Red Baron. November 19th, at 6: Degu October 20th, Big tits in Butte 2: This is a very strange place, basically empty once you get past Sears on one end or Jones on the other.

Pretty much a void after that. Jane December 2nd, at 5: I see it mentioned that the third floor of the mall is basically empty. Jon December 5th, at This mall will be redeveloped, along with a similar mall Metro North in North Kansas City — a front-page article from the Oct. Preliminary plans call for a 1. The article says construction could start in The stores are well-stocked and clean, and very pleasant to shop in on a Sunday night. They were also open until 9 or 10 on a Sunday night, which shocked me.

The mall inbetween is very clean, if eerily empty. Degu December 14th, at The only enclosed malls doing well off the Married wife looking real sex Overland Park of my head are Oak Park and Independence Center; the rest have really deteriorated….

Lauren December 21st, at 8: I am so very sad that this mall is seeing its last days. My friends and I have spent a lot of time exploring abandoned stores and the mall corridors. By far the strangest aspect of the mall is the totally random dungeon door. Also the Walden Books filled with motor scooters. Jeremy December 27th, at The last time I was at Metcalf was Novemberand Married wife looking real sex Overland Park was eeirly empty back then I remember thinking that the wrecking ball could come crashing through at any moment.

But I must say the pictures on this site bring back a lot of memories. Vacancy aside, the place looks exactly the way it did back in the 80s when my parents would drive up from Pittsburg.

I had quite a few Santa photos taken there. August 30th, at 7: Mike Doyle January 5th, at 9: I just went to Metcalf South on my lunch hour today to Sears and picked up a burger Married wife looking real sex Overland Park Back-Yard Burgers Loves travel center exit 208 is on a pad site in the parking lot. There would be a cut out square or other basic shape with water fountains Nashville sex guy dick online dating lights in the floor and no barrier to keep the elderly or youngsters from falling in.

If you look at some of the seating areas now you can recognize where they filled in the fountains. The theatre on the second level is rebuilt from the left over seats of the once great Glenwood Theater on the West side of Metcalf. As for Married wife looking real sex Overland Park floors, when the mall started to lose tenants all the old tile was removed and new tile was installed and the rents were subsequently jacked up.

I knew the owner of Hobby Haven on the lower level and his rent went up beyond what he could afford so he moved out along with just Married wife looking real sex Overland Park every other small tenant. March 8th, at 8: August 18th, at 4: Was just showed Nearly Famous Pizza yesterday by a friend. He said it was a very popular place. He said the owner died in the Hyatt Regency walkway disaster in and the family left it exactly like the day day he died and closed it.

The family continues to pay rent but will not sell the place. The Retail History Blog January 24th, at 6: Married wife looking real sex Overland Park February 9th, at 9: I grew up on Woodson Drive and remember the mall being built. When I was really little, my mom worked at the Jones Store. So sad and it sure makes me feel OLD. Everything has to change. I now live in Portland, OR.

I still love Overland Park. July 18th, at 4: Carol, Carol…I grew up close to you, on Lamar…one of the first houses. I actually watched them build Metcalf South out of my bedroom window.

I take it you went to John Diemer. Thomas Long February 15th, at I grew up at Metcalf South! From the year the mall opened in straight up through the early s — what a great mall it was in those days. When it opened, there was a Safeway grocery store on the lower level front no kidding! That pizza place in the back was originally a Pizza Hut I think and was very popular through the mid s.

During Christmas time, people used to have to park on neighboring streets and across 95th Street in what was called the French Market — now Kmart. They really had some weird stores in the mall even weirder than placing Safeway there.

They had a drive-up locksmith in the middle of the parking lot. There was a local electronics store called Married wife looking real sex Overland Park that sold everything from diodes to very expensive stereos. I always thought it was such a shame no one ever revived this mall. I will always remember it the way it was in the good times. June 18th, at 9: Thomas Long, I think you and I are the same age!

I even remember when 95th was a dirt road! Yes French Market and B. I had wonderful times. Very sad to see it now. Mindy Fleschman Weiser Reply: August 15th, at 1: Raymond February 16th, at I remember this mall well. I spent most of my free time in grade school there. We would go get our comics, play some games and then head over to Orange Julius.

The Home Accents was an Osco Drug then. What a great place! Today, on a whim I stopped by. Like a previous post said, it is frozen in amber! Stores long since defunct are preserved like empty museum pieces. To answer a previous posting, the stage is still there. My little sister and me saw Santa a few times there. Strangely, the quarter-scales that tell you your weight and fortune are still scattered about.

I wonder if the owner still checks them for money. Its sad to see a place like that go downhill. Still, who knows, if this redevelopment plan goes through, it could be good. They had a little hamburger joint attached to it.

Later, it became a jewelry store and a bunch of other little stores. Diann March 6th, at 8: I work right across the street from this mall. There is a testing center, and sears and the gift store. Jones and well I think that is about it, Other then the places that have offices in it.

This is a great place to visit, and I wish that instead of tearing it down that they would just revitalize it. I Married wife looking real sex Overland Park the gift shop that is on the west side lower level. I will have to find out where they are going to move. Visit this place before it is destroyed. If I had known that they where going to tear down the Blue Ridge Mall in Independence I would have gone there Married wife looking real sex Overland Park last time.

I grew up there. My Mom worked at a Photo shop there when she was a teen. Now it is a Wal-Mart. What a complete waste. Bob March 18th, at Mall Rat April 9th, at 3: The mirror ceiling things are cool, they have those at Metro Married wife looking real sex Overland Park Mall, which probably is because he owns it as well. Melissa April 11th, at 9: I remember when the Married wife looking real sex Overland Park opened.

I was in grade school then, Tlalnepantla wife sexy East Antioch Elementary. The whole area was new and wonderful. I miss those days.

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What a shame to see what was once a great mall go by the wayside. Merle April 12th, at 9: I also remember when this mall opened. I was also in grade school then, at Antioch Elementary. Too bad to see it go downhill. Chris May 9th, at In September of the company I work for had their training site inside the old County Seat, it was really weird walking around that mall and seeing all of the old signs still up. It was almost like they pulled a Baltimore Colts and left in the Married wife looking real sex Overland Park of the night.

I stumbled onto this website by accident while looking Naughty lady wants sex Vincennes something else and what a trip back in time.

Married wife looking real sex Overland Park

Metcalf South was a favorite place to Franconia mature dating site on Saturdays to shop and just browse. When I pulled up the picture of The Jones Store, it was just amazing to see it now, 39 years later loooking just as I remembered it.

It was one of those strange back in time moments. Nick Teply May 12th, at 1: I even remember the balloon vending machine downstairs at Sears. Original Pizza and Taco Via were my favorite places to llooking.

When a Married wife looking real sex Overland Park year old crossed a fountain with no rails, he had cheated death. To me the mall is like a skeleton without a soul. You remember when it had a soul: When George Brett jerseys hung at the Jones store, and the Royals were in first. Now at dusk, the mall nearly Overlqnd in peace though it refuses to rest in pieces like the Mission Center.

Perhaps if the mall will die, it is embalmed in history for people to pay final respects. Death will come for the mall when a South Overland Park big box mart sits upon the unmarked Pqrk of what was once an indelible memory. Randy May 14th, at What a strange blog to stumble upon. I also have many memories of times spent at Metcalf South. As a kid I always craved Orange Julius and wanted to work there when I was older.

What happened to them? Matt from WI May 14th, at 8: Orange Julius is actually owned by Dairy Queen International now. Joan May 27th, at 6: I lived in Kansas until The memories that stand out are Mickey Mouse visiting The Jones Store-there lokoing a huge crowd and I got separated from my Married wife looking real sex Overland Park, and throwing coins in the fountains and getting in trouble for putting my hands in the water!

I found this site while searching for things I remember from my childhood in Kansas. Sad to know the mall has died Married wife looking real sex Overland Park. Deb June 3rd, at 4: June 3rd, at 4: Nate Manderfeld June 5th, at 3: I Msrried it was odd but an Ladies seeking sex Lee Florida architecture Marrried.

The triplet fountain was my favorite spot in the mall, save for Original Pizza. Hitting the top tier was a kid was a must before leaving for the day.

Is water still in it? I imagine the bottom has since been drained but each leaf as well? If so, you would think they would have removed the coins as well. It would be a great way to preserve the memories.

Robert June Marired, at 4: Strange to find this site and the photos that accompany it. I remember the comic book store, a arcade next door, and the waldenbooks Fuck my wife Laramie used to frequent. Seems like there was a pizza place on the first Married wife looking real sex Overland Park too, and a K-B toy store on the second level. Many fond memories there, and I hope to return wifs it is destroyed.

Lisa Stewart June lkoking, at 5: My brother found this site and told me about Marrisd. I am glad he did. Him and I both spent alot of time at Married wife looking real sex Overland Park mall. I actually remember the Taco Via, which we loved to eat at, and Smacks Hamburgers on the third floor, ha how many remember that one!!?

And there was a Red Lobster in the parking lot at K-mart. We spent many a Friday and Saturday night at the Pizza Married wife looking real sex Overland Park on the bottom floor. This mall was actually about 4 blocks from out house and back then it was safe to walk there, which we did alot!!! I also remember riding my horse over there with a close friend of mine; Jan Married wife looking real sex Overland Park it was cold and we were hungy so we rode Married wife looking real sex Overland Park to the side door and brought the horse inside the stair well and i ran upstairs to grab some hamburgers at Smacks.

Meanwhile my friend was stuck with the horse inside this stairwell, and a cop came in and about had a heart attack. After his intial shock of seeing a horse inside a stairwell at the mall he laughed and let her keep him in there till i got back. I had also worked at the Pier 1 imports when i was in high school. The last time i Par at the mall was about ten years ago and it seemed to be doing well then.

Its sad pooking see something that you have so many fond memories of fade as it has…. March 16th, at Lisa Stewart, Is Stewart your maiden name? What year did you go to Diemer. I started in We moved to 95th and Lamar in My mom still lives there! September 16th, Married wife looking real sex Overland Park 3: Janet Reynolds, Do you remember the John Diemer million bottle cap collection?

I was searching for old newspaper clippings on that, when I came across this fascinating blog. Also, were you a redhead? Did you have Mrs. Kreighbaum as your first grade teacher? If so, we knew each other as 6 year olds!! August 12th, at 4: April 15th, at Aly Wright Glunt Reply: August 15th, at July 26th, at 4: Wow…I was came across info on the mall, thought I would check it out. Does anyone know the month and year of the fire at the mall…I think there were 2, this would have been around the summer of I believe.

Doug June 7th, at 5: Kind of bittersweet for me, I helped my mom at her annual AAUW book sale and later at Waldenbooks, well after the majority of the mall had become vacant.

Waldenbooks survived mainly thanks its location just outside Jones Store and a small, but fiercely loyal, band of shoppers. D Scott Wifd 24th, at 2: I also grew up hanging out at Metcalf Marrled. Lived just 2 blocks east, on Riggs. Loved going to the PiZza Hut on Friday nights, and as I recall they sometimes had live entertainers in. We took our dog to MS animal clinic.

Plus sized cutie looking for Morgantown to love checking out the sporting goods at Sears. The Woolworths store was really something. Loved Topsys of course and had more than one Orange Julius in my day.

Enjoyed many a movie at the Metcalf theater.

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Worked Overlanv Sears during the very busy XmAS season of Bought my first 2 guitars at Jenkins Music, and spent lots of time at Burstein-Applebee checkin out the stereos…indeed. I am glad I got to live in that time when it took so little to mean so much.

D Scott, Scrolling through Married wife looking real sex Overland Park comments, at this one I was reminded of working once for one day at The Corndog Factory. Jeff June 28th, at 8: I thought I was the only one reaal sentimental feelings for good old Metcalf South.

Remember the Peter Pan diorama they had in the corner by Jones and the video electronics store every Christmas? Kay Bee was on the second floor where County Seat is in the pictures.

Spencer Gifts was on the third floor. Musicland and Hobby Haven on the Hot lady want real sex Martinsville floor. Cafeteria once a week with my parents. I also remember falling into the fountain on the second floor. Remember when the stage was a huge fountain that shot straight up?

At least it was Mrried to me when I Hot pussy Burnley about 5 years old. When I first moved to L. I lived next to the Sherman Oaks Gallery where Fast Times at Ridgemont High was filmmed and I watched as it dwindled down to just a few stores and was finally demolished. January 24th, at Is a film still in the works? Jim July 10th, at 7: I posted on Red Baron a few sx ago.

Mall Rat July 11th, at 2: Mall Rat July 12th, at I took pictures of the mall the other day. Victoria July 22nd, at Allan July 23rd, at 3: Deb, if you can see this comment, I just looked through all your Metcalf South pics, and really enjoyed looking at them! D Scott July 23rd, at Yeah I forgot to mention Eddys Loaf and Stein…a nice place indeed.

As a young kid we ate at Putschs also. Later there was a Browns Chicken there. Used to buy and build so many models from Hobby Haven. Living on Riggs, we young men would Overladn thru yards to get to Metcalf South. Married wife looking real sex Overland Park homeowners on the west side of Glenwood didnt like that so they put up fences and barbed wire even to keep us from cutting thru. We just rel over it all, being the hot shot young punks we were. One time the OP cops busted us for throwing snowballs at cars.

We stood behind the wood fence on the east parking lot. Later we shot off some homemade pyrotechnic devices out in the middle of Metcalf South parking lot late at night just to see if security would come…. Pappys BBQ wasnt bad at all. Cant remember the name of that Oriental store on the bottom level but remember the incense.

Also remember about when they added the 3rd level. Standing on that Married wife looking real sex Overland Park was a long ways down to the bottom! Naturally, the mall had a County Seat. All the young people including yours truly wore Levis jeans, shirts, belts, wallet, you name it.

There was also a store at the mall called Garb-Age and they had the jeans in these metal trash cans. D Scott, Wongs Married wife looking real sex Overland Park a chinese restaurant on the bottom level.

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There was also a flower shop owned by a a former music teacher at Diemer. I remember walking Beautiful housewives searching seduction Wyoming the mall and cutting through as well.

December 9th, at 7: Orange Julius was originally a somewhat makeshift stand. A few years later in college my class did a marketing study for the owner of an OJ at an IL mall that was struggling. Our conclusion…the stuff sucked! Celeste August Married wife looking real sex Overland Park, at 9: I too happened to this Married wife looking real sex Overland Park by accident, and I am smiling as I read all the fun blogs.

I grew up visiting this mall. I rode my bike there often. I rode my new purple speed bike, locked it around a pole on the lower level.

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I loved Topsys — favorite was cinnamon popcorn balls. Seeking her Gore Bay the Married wife looking real sex Overland Park barely ever made the top with my pennies. Running across the in-floor fountains that had no side rails… Wow. Thanks for the memories. Ron Malippa August 20th, at That mall is a great reflection of my youth.

Lived in OP from As teens we tourtured the poor security guard of said mall, Vernon May was his name… NO skatboarding was allowed anywhere near that mall as far as he was concerned. Reflecting even further back to a more innocent time, I remember being years old and Winter shopping with my family there. My sister and I were allowed to stay in the parking lot and play in the giant snow hills left by the snow plows…along with a hundred other kids, while the parents shopped.

Paul Stanley September 4th, at Married wife looking real sex Overland Park here searching for Smacks hamburgers. We used to run around in them and light firecrackers when some employee left the door open taking out the trash. We took some fire extinguishers from the movie theaters and escaped to the row of pines running along the east side there was a trail that went from 95th to 97th, ending on the south-east corner of the parking lot… by the grace of god that those pines never burnt Married wife looking real sex Overland Park via those pyro punks in the area.

The 2 bucks I got for mowing the lawn always went to Mall. Woolworths old school skateboardsBernstein Applebes Records??? We would buy bags of spanish peanuts at Morrows Nut House and hit unsuspected shoppers off the 3rd floor balcony by the big fountain. The thrill of running from the mall security Married wife looking real sex Overland Park was too much for bored suburban white boys to ignore.

I still have a scar on my left knee from jamming it into the edge of the escalator steps during some bloody escape to Glenwood. And finally… Anyone know who stole my purple single speed bike with banana seat and matching grips? December 25th, at 7: A lot of our enegry and family funds went into the venture at the time the mall was in decline — the handwriting was clearly on the wall in the mid and late 80s. Wish i knew which of our beautiful brunettes you refer to. Thanks for the late plug and remembrance.

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