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February saw the release of their epic double live album "On Your Feet or on Your Knees" and to publicise it, the band had secured a prestigious spot supporting Rod Stewart and the Faces, including a gig at Madison Square Garden!! This page, as with a great part of the rest of the Singlf, would not have been possible without the help of ex-BOC roadie, Sam Judd, whose notes have helped provide most of the information contained within this Horny women Jordan Montana minn Have you got anything to contribute to this page?

Sabinaw, ticket Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw, missing iSngle band info, posters, flyers, missing venue names etc etc Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw if so, let me. Sam Judd On awakening the next morning we proceeded to the appartment of Allen Lanier to fetch his Hammond organ Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw model down 5 flites of stairs While there I was introduced to Patti Smith and I was quite intrigued by the fact that she kept running up to Allen with little scraps of paper with letters on them, saying "play these letters in Sagunaw order and let's see what they sound like" and Allen would eke them out on his piano Our next stop was S.

Studio Corona ok girls sex Rentals where we unloaded the equipment truck Once ensconced in the Adult searching sex Norman Oklahoma confines of the rehearsal studio, I was given the guided tour of Buck's guitar rig that I would be responsible for At this point the crew consisted of myself and Moe Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw Rick Downey had just been promoted to Road Manager but he was still helping to load and unload trucks as well Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw George At this point I was appointed night watchman and got to stay there during the night to "protect" the gear This also entitled me to be present during "The Dictators" rehearsals which were held at night By the way, I discovered Szechuan Chinese cuisine wile rehearsing at the Fillmore and kept going back to the 2nd Ave.

I've even got a pic of me standing in Sagjnaw of it somewhere I believe it's even still there After a few days lades this I got a reprieve and was able to spend several nights at the Downey household with Rick's Mum and Dad both of whom were fantastic folks who treated me as a son of their own At this point we added a large transparency of the 1st album cover to the giant flags that had been the backdrop for sometime and some footlights to illuminate the dry ice fog Mark Wahlberg of Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw acting fame Carol went on to be L.

Weinstien and I made the comment one day that Bob See might have the See Factor our lighting companybut we had the E-Factor and it seekimg on him as a nickname So that was the state of our organization as we hit the road opening for Rod Stewart on a string of shows At this point I only had to take care of Don Sam Judd Drove through the snow to Rochester for the Faces gig Sam Judd One of the first really good laughs I had from the band was the first show I did for them in Rochester in Feb I was tending to Buck's and Joe's needs then and the first time I walked out on stage to do a guitar swap with Buck, I was towering over him as I'm 6'2 and was wearing rather large boots I'm still laughin years later Sam Judd Unloaded at N.

These people started coming in the theater thru a door that we didn't know was unlocked and seeing all that gear on-stage, refused to believe there was NO concert scheduled that night Went to see them, not Rod Stewart. After getting blown away by BOC we just about fell asleep during Stewart and left early. Since then I've seen BOC countless times; every time they come around my part of the country.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Five friends paddle boarding off the coast of Hawaii were surprised by multiple whales breaching. Mormon Church launches media campaign (USA Today) (October 3, ) - Relevance: The "I'm a Mormon" campaign — mostly TV spots and billboards — will encourage people to learn about Latter-day Saints by visiting the website, which features video profiles of thousands of Mormons from around the world.

Seen them at least 15 times since. Thanks for the memory of that fine show. I love On Your Feet because it is basically a recording of that first concert I saw. I'll never forget Videos xxx of womens of Tucson Arizona id 5 band members playing guitar on ME, or the playing of Astronomy, which if I recall was near the end, maybe the encore.

It was negotiated that we were NOT to use our flash pots, but management conveniently forgot to tell the BOC crew that little detail All of their crew pitched such a fit, that at one point in the set change I noticed all of them were back stage arguing, so I had the union crew remove most of their backline with ours and transport it to the rear of the arena It took them bozos about 15 min to figure out they were missing an ampline and they had about 15 Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw till they needed to start playing Tom Ranson I recently visited a childhood friend who now lives out of state.

Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw

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He had been going through old papers and clutter in his basement and showed me a hand-written setlist for BOC at the Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw gardens on February 22, And I was a fan after the opening riff of Stairway.

That party was really something Personal Forest Park looking for clients female only also believe John and Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw made a walk thru appearance John Scalera Yeah great show was driving around Manhattan when I spotted the marquee Blue Oyster Cult and Rod Stewart and Faces, told my friend who was driving we have to go to the show tickets were only about twenty dollars.

We called some friends back home in New Jersey and they came out also. Blue Oyster Cult opened with stairway to the stars and looking back after seeing BOC over twenty times - maybe thirty times - this was my first and best BOC show.

Horny Women In Saybrook, IL

After the crowd saw and heard five guitars they went wild. When Rod the mod came on to the music of the song The Stripper with a row of white Marshall amps on stage the audience was still in tonightt and awe from BOC Ron Wood and the Faces sounded great.

Wood was wearing a wool cap but Rod seemed disappointed because the crowd was spent after witnessing BOC. Stewart ended the show with twisting the night away definitely my favorite concert after all these years. Rod Stewart also changed the lyrics to somewhere up the New York waste.

Dan Lampinski I have a ticket stub Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw the show I recall the Strawbs opening and performing a fine, albeit short set. The crowd really enjoyed their music I was aware of them, but my friends were hip to them even before me, from the first 2 Mature gentleman seeks coed. This would definitely be pre laser days, heavy on the stobe lights.

Faces were I think nearing laddies end, at least live.

Rod Stewart was still rock and roll and not a solo act. Ron Wood, who everyone knows from the Rolling Stones, was still in the band. Elvin Bishop was very good also. Though he did have a funny song getting a lot of airplay at the time.

I may have the title wrong "Yes Yes Yes". The one with the lyric "like the man says, every refuge has it's price". The other memorable thing people remember about New Haven Coliseum. The parking lot was Mature women looking for sex Belfast the roof, and you had to drive up a helix that curved sharply about in about 15 circles on the way up. New haven CT Setlist:.

February saw the release of "On Your Feet or on your Knees" but I don't know the actual official release date. Does anybody out there know or know where I could find out? For more details on this record, please visit Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw Blue Oyster Cult Songatorium page for this recording Eric introduces Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw Boogie as a song that will be on their upcoming live album which he says will be released "sometime this week".

Hope this is helpful. Ralph Thanks for that info.

Well since the only other gig in February was the next day in New Haven, I think it seems obvious then that OYFOOYK must have come out tknight either Thursday 27 Feb or Friday 28th Feb - because the record was released in February, those are the only two days left in that month for that to happen in. How do Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw know it wasn't on the 26th?

Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw

Well, as Gerald reports, on the 25th Eric said the LP would be out "sometime this week" - he didn't say it'd be out "tomorrow" Sam Judd BOC headlined As you also have listed, the James Sngle with the Dictators opening were also on the bill. I worked there and was the person who recommended bands to the student activities director.

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Click Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw link to see some of my photos from that night you'll seex to scroll down to "Blue Oyster Cult" in the Gallery listings. Sam Judd Full rehearsal with lights and everything; Ran spot Sam Judd Indy; Sold out; used the scrim; stayed overnight Babe Ruth Styx Blue Lwdies Cult The stage setup had really large white cloth banners about 14 feet tall sporting the Kronos symbol, one on the left and one on the right of the band.

There was an even larger cloth backdrop directly behind the band which had the 1st LP cover on it. I Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw someone throw a lit road flare from the top row of the Local girls free into the crowd of people and hit someone below. It was equivalent to the drop from seeking 4 story building.

I Am Ready Sex Dating Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw

The set that evening was incredible and the crowd was real rowdy. I was 15 and it was my first look at the drugged out, crazy concert scene. After the show was over, rowdy, screaming fans were Swingers Personals in Germantown the Coliseum only to run into a long row of Marion County Sheriffs lined up outside the doors blocking our way forward and also blocking to the right.

Each sheriff had their own German shepherd K-9 attack dog barking ferociously at the end of their leash. The crowd got un-rowdy really, really fast.

People shuffled away to the left without making much noise after seeing the K-9 attack dogs. It was a very surreal moment and was like we were trapped inside a bad 's WWII movie. I remember the giant banners with the Kronos symbols and the band in black Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw except for Buck Dharma in his white suit.

Eric with the mirror sunglasses. Eric the menacing vocalist with Buck fighting him off with his insane, blazing guitar riffs.

BOC could certainly whip the crowd into a frenzy. This above poster hangs in my son's room - he met the band Single ladies seeking sex tonight Saginaw and had my copy of Secret Treaties signed by the band.

Sam Judd Spokane, WA.