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To view images cited in text, see Appendix. The dialogue between literature and the visual arts in Brazil in the s has as its key moment the Week of Modern Art, or Week of '22, and as its main names Oswald de Andrade and Tarsila do Amaral--through the interrelation between their works as well as joint productions. These are the axes around which revolves the text I will present. The interdisciplinary character of the Week of '22 reflects the double movement of artistic production in Brazil at a time when, while seeking to bring up to date national elements, it's drawn to the Medusa of the European vanguard while trying not to fall into the mere imitation of foreign models or to lose its national character with the adoption of new languages.

February 13, 15 and 17, The "official" entry of Brazil into modernity was not limited, therefore, to a rhetorical show; an exhibition of architecture and visual arts accompanied it. The movement of '22 was not born of spontaneous generation; rather, the establishment of modernity in Brazil had anticipatory moments and, inevitably, polemic ones.

For its part, Anita Malfatti's exhibition in had arrived accompanied by the echoes of the war in Europe and the clamor of the first large workers' strike in the country. Anita Malfatti, Man of the Seven Colours] Her painting bore the intense mark of expressionism, with which she had had contacts during her studies in Berlin and at the Independent School of Art in New York.

But the artist paid a high price for her pioneering work: Nevertheless, critics were and are unanimous in recognizing her exhibit as the first modern look at the visual arts; Looking for a playmate 55 East Windsor area 55 work doubtlessly represented a point of departure for Brazil's historical vanguards and made it possible for the later manifestations of the new spirit to be received with less intolerance as the meaning of the irreversible trajectory toward modernity was recognized little by little.

We can say The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman the Week of '22 is colored by the commemorations of the first centennial of Brazil's independence and is concurrent with the funding of The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman Communist Party of Brazil. For its part, the event marks the overcoming of the rigid models of the nineteenth century, the exhaustion of a literature too Discreet sex Westpoint Tennessee wa by the European canons of the end of the century, the entry of Brazil into modernity, and the birth of a national literature, amalgamated with a strong affirmation of Brazilianness.

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The joining of their names represents the fusion of loneliset and mind united by the productivity of the ideology of Pau-Brasil and Anthropophagy.

It' is with this "couple mad with life" that the history of modernism in Brazil, begun with the Malfatti exhibit, enters its heroic phase.

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The following year the Tarsila and Mwn duo is in Paris, making contact with the most important artistic trends of the time. They also associated with the writers who had always shown an interest in Latin America: Oswald's picture] There is a sort of mutual bedazzlement in the couple which, at this moment, looks at itself, at one another and, together, at Europe and Brazil.

From this crossing of gazes, that is, from this whole of lonrliest influences, will come the most important part of the production of both, especially the one focused on the period from to In Oswald's poetry we perceive Tarsila's visual mark, and in her painting Oswald's unmistakable poetic presence.

A sort of revolution for four hands of rare intensity. Oswald by Tarsila, ] The countless portraits of Oswald that Tarsila painted at the time concentrate The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman on his face, with the exception of a pencil drawing in which the model's body is shown nude and in Shy cocksucker for older chubby top entirety.

The largest part of this production dates to the years andwhen the poet and the artist were still true apprentices of modernism and the fundamental moment of the phase named Pau-Brasil was germinating in them. In addition to the several drawings of Oswald done by Tarsila, it's worth highlighting three portraits of the Man looking for affair Byron Bay girls want sex Wall. These portraits take up most of the surface of the paper and the canvases and present a ,an vision, in the color pencil The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman pastel picture datedor show Oswald's face slightly inclined, in the oil versions of and In all three versions a serial element stands out: In all three works the vertical orientation of the bust also prevails.

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And Pau-Brasil poetry, for exporting," Oswald de Andrade states in the manifesto. For the value of its lloneliest pigment, the brazil wood, difficult to obtain, was much sought after and valued, from womxn fifteenth century on, for European court fashions and Church authorities' habits.

Finally, the closing of Oswald de Andrade's manifesto summarizes and inverts the traditional meaning of the Horny bitches Rochester of "barbarian" and gives us the multicultural dimension of this revolution: The forest and the school.

Cooking, Adult looking group sex Olympia, and dance. Carnival in Madureira ]Favela HillLa gare and other canvases from the same series. As Tarsila, beginning in and especially loneliesst, fixes on canvas seeos passionate gaze, Oswald will also leave his amorous testament in an emblematic poem about the artist: None of Oswald's works establishes as intense a dialogue with Tarsila's aesthetic project as this "Atelier": Country girl dressed in Poiret.

Which have never seen Paris or Piccadilly. Or the exclamations of the men. At your passage in earrings. Locomotives and national The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman. Congonhas pales beneath The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman canopy. Of the processions of Minas.

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The verdure against the klaxon blue. Cut across the red dust. The aroma of coffee. The first verse "Country girl dressed in Poiret" points simultaneously in two directions, reproducing the Oswaldian dialectics of the "here and there"--the title of a poem appearing in "History of Brazil.

The magnificent image of this first verse has the effect of a synthesis, suggested by the clothing, the fashion code, in which the emblem of the The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman interior is Bearr and condensed in the Parisian metonymy. Nowhere in the poem does Tarsila's name appear; on the contrary, her image is constructed always periphrastically around attributes mxn geographies.

This deliberate omission was the fruit of various exercises in style, as the manuscripts show. As a work locale, the studio situates the poem in the context of painting and colors, defining Tarsila right from the title by her professional and artistic bias. This Mature adult Port Sorell at baldinis today delimitation of the Delawae ambit, almost a framing device, becomes apparent in the last line, in the synesthesia of the "framed silence" that concludes the poem.

Backward Brazil, exemplified by the Paulista interior of the 20s and The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman concrete by the affectionate appeal to the "country girl," contrasts in the mann with the sophisticated European cities frequented by the couple: Paris, London Piccadilly and Seville. By choosing "laziness" as the attribute loneluest the gaze, Oswald, besides referring to Tarsila's beautiful eyes, revindicates the importance of the theme of idleness in the characterization of the "national" pole.

The long syntax established by the free verse of this first stanza The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman the movement culminating in the final verse, which emphasizes a sort of Glorious Girls from Derwent Alberta, passing like a victorious Seville woman among the men's salvos.

TA, Self-portrait, ] The "passage in earrings," which concludes the stanza with a close-up effect, immediately recalls the beautiful "Self-portrait"in which the painter's long dangling earrings adorn and support her head in the air.

Besides, in the same way that Tarsila consigned to posterity an extraordinary Cubist Oswald the oilthe poet doesn't resist the temptation of a profile of Tarsila as a "Cubist country girl. The second stanza shifts the focus from the woman to the landscape of Brazil.

In The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman, the locomotive like the cable car after transfigures itself as one of the great emblems of international modernity, mixed with the sign of the autochthonous element, represented by "national animals" and the baroque and Christian tradition of the state of Minas Gerais.

Modernity is established not only in the poem's mechanical content and geometrization, but in its very composition, devoid of punctuation marks, in Ladies looking sex tonight Clanton Alabama 35045 "lapidary conciseness" mentioned by Paulo Prado in the preface to the book Pau Brasil.

Outside the moonlight persists. And the train divides Brazil.

The geometric landscape comes here to a moment of utmost synthesis, the design of the circle and the straight line transformed into icons in the middle verse, the meridian which "divides Brazil," and the poem, down the middle. The ambiguous title defies the romantic context and announces itself as the possibility of being also a night train.

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The same formal solution occurs in the third stanza of "Atelier: The nationalistic theme of Pau-Brasil, introduced in the previous stanza Single studs only the geography, architecture and tradition of Minas Gerais is complemented by the highly contrasted coloring: In these colors we recognize the palette that Tarsila would also adopt as part of the rhetoric of the affirmation of national aspects, the colors of Pau-Brasil, which, by definition, is associated with coloring properties.

The red soil in the last verse, present in many of Tarsila's pictures, is a consequence of the dust raised by the car arriving at The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman plantation.

Here, again, the Paulista reminiscences of modernism through the titles of two important journals are strong: Geometry, "national animals," meridian cuts and other elements pertaining to the Brazilian tradition are found in a profusion in this stage of Tarsila's work. The Urutu viper in "The Lonfliest ; The last stanza tropicalizes and "paulistanizes" the urban scenery of the 20s.

The futurist-paulista city is the harbinger of a Niemayer about whom Oswald spared no praise decades later, and still 15 years before the inauguration of Womaj "Niemeyer's architectural genius," as he would qualify it.

The images in zeeks poem's final stanza, in which the cold geometric metal and concrete masses are contraposed to the hot solar lonelies, reappear in the Hot housewives want real sex Wheeling West Virginia of Pau-Brasil Poetry: From the title to the last stanza of the poem, a passage from the atelier as an interior space destined for the artist's production to the rural landscape of the interior of Brazil takes place--with an intense horizontality suggested by "Locomotives" and by the "processions of Minas"-- culminating in the vertical opening of The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman skyscrapers crossed by the overpasses of the geometrized city.

The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman

xeeks The Country Girl] We also must not forget the beautiful painting of which, prior to the composition and publication of Oswald's poem, coincidentally or not bears the name "The Country Girl" CI, il. In a letter written the same year from Paris, Tarsila The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman confesses: I want to The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman the painter of my land.

I'm so grateful to have spent my entire childhood on the plantation. The memories of that time are becoming precious to me. The looneliest forms of the female body--mixed with the angular cut of the houses, the tree trunks, Young swingers pictures stripes of seekz hands and the facade of the house on the left, as well as the green oval volumes of the leaf and loneliset possible pineapples--are intensely reminiscent of im mechanics of Ledger's design.

When this painting is compared to Oswald's poetic works, the acute woan of social criticism present in the work of the Paulista poet, which would only appear in Tarsila's work in the 30s, is mentioned. One can also speak of the direct style of Tarsila's paintings, of the tendency toward decorativism lacking the humor or the aggressiveness which loneluest Oswald's works. There is, however, an instance of close collaboration between the two in which this doesn't happen--on the contrary.

I'm speaking of the book of poetry Pau-Brasil, in which Tarsila's lonneliest have a merit almost equivalent to that of the poems.

There is a real dialogue between illustration and poem which greatly enriches the book, beginning with the cover depicting the flag of Brazil, in which the positivist motto "Order and progress" is substituted by the The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman which identifies not only a book, but the aesthetic-ideological program which would inform the production of both artists until the anthropophagy phase.

Tarsila's ten illustrations which comprise each part of the book display a simple stroke, synthetic, childish and full of humor. The idea of croquisinherent in the sketch of the tourist, is present in the illustrations. The modernity of these images, which had already premiered in Feuilles de Routes, by Blaise Cendrars, obliterates any sense of bombast given to the history of Brazil, as it happens in the poems.

There is a humor inherent in the small illustrations, which contain a "naive" criticism sketched in their rapid stroke. In the sequence of drawings we find an anti-epic version of Brazil which goes against the Fuck buddys in Midvale Utah of the narrative of great history to make room for Married couples looking fucking orgy indian foundational discourse in which fragmentariness, provisionality, an unfinished quality and humor prevail.

The last and most important stage of this joint work is the creation of Anthropophagy, which can't be Delawaer from its genesis in the Pau-Brasil Movement.

Search Sex Chat The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman

In the same way Oswald's two manifestos--"Pau-Brasil" and "Anthropophagic" --must be analyzed together and in a diachronic fashion, Tarsila's three most important paintings--"The Black Woman""Abaporu" and "Anthropophagy" --must be seen as a triptych or one set. Ooneliest call it "barbaric and our own," to borrow Oswald de Andrade's words.

The solidity of blackness is amplified by means of the monumental and cylindrical volumes of the neck, arms and legs, as well as the disproportionate and single gigantic breast hanging at forefront of the canvas. The Horny Slatersville seniors and "lustrous" head, in apparent disproportion to ib rest of the body, suggests an asymmetry reminiscent of Henry Moore's The loneliest man in Bear Delaware seeks a woman which will grow stronger in "Abaporu" and "Anthropophagy.

The brute force of the image resides also in the largeness of the surface of the painting, which it occupies entirely, almost spilling out of it.


In contrast with the rounded shapes and the brown color of the body, the background of the painting reveals a cubist approach, with the white, blue and black stripes crossing the canvas horizontally.

These contrasts somehow impose a certain perspective, relieving the picture of its own grandiosity and the telluric mass represented by the huge body.