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Want to eat your sweet pie

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Some are better for baking and making applesauce, some are great for salads and snacking, and some are downright delicious no matter what you do with it.

Apples also offer a bit of vitamin C and potassium.

So what apples are best for your lunchbox and what apples are best suited for your apple pie? When it comes to baking, some people are partial to firmer apples that keep ylur shape in the oven while others prefer a softer apple that breaks down.

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In the EatingWell Test Kitchen, we like to combine the two. You want an apple pie that tastes like apples, not sugar!

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The tender white flesh is crisp when freshly harvested, but soon adopts a softer consistency, making it perfect for cooking into pies or sauce.

Macs are sweet and juicy with a pleasant tanginess.

This apple is sharp and tart and its flavor holds up well in recipes with spicy notes; the flesh is firm enough to retain its shape when cooked. When the softer McIntosh mixes with the more toothsome Granny Smith, presto! These apples are sweet, crisp and grainy.

They lack a tart element and a rich apple flavor, which is what makes apple pie so great. So, what is the best apple to pack away for that perfect snack?

This apple tends to be almost universally adored. Piie has exceptionally crisp, juicy, sweet-as-honey flesh with just a hint of tartness that makes it a tasty treat any time of the day. What makes them so crispy? Honeycrisps have cells twice the size of a normal fruit—so, twice as packed with juice—and strong cell walls that shatter rather than fall apart when bitten into resulting in Want to eat your sweet pie ultra-crispy bite we all love.

Fans of the Honeycrisp might want to try Sweetango. We at EatingWell also love a trio of summer varieties Love Caruaru the machine come imported from New Zealand: Eve, Smitten and Tentation.

While some people like myself actually like their texture—when eaten fresh, not cooked—most apple lovers turn their noses up at Want to eat your sweet pie plain Jane variety for either application.

Red Delicious apples have relatively weak cell walls. I stand by the Red Delicious as a decent fo, but they're best eaten fresh-picked off the tree. Gala apples have a really nice color.

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Like Cortlands, when you cut them up, they don't oxidize very quickly. Choose unbruised apples that feel firm and heavy in your hand.

Be sure to look for richly colored fruits with smooth skin. Deep-Dish Apple Pie The Best When it comes to baking, some people are partial to firmer apples that keep their shape in the oven while others prefer a softer apple that breaks down. The Worst Red Delicious: Best Apples for Salads Pictured Recipe: Some original pe by Matthew Thompson.

Everyone else is eating squash pie instead. While you can't make either a pumpkin or sweet potato pie without using any Like this column?. Eat each one. Which one tastes better? Right, it's the sweet potato, which is sweet and delicious. Pumpkin, on the other hand, taste like a. Sure, we eat this soul food classic year-round, but this is the week that Alas, a West African origin theory of sweet potato pie goes wanting.