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Will talk if you want

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Thanks Alex for clearing up the use of these confusing words. You are Will talk if you want good teacher. My english skills is better because of your lessons. I wish you success! You said as if blaming the teacher for his lessons. I liked this video so much…. And got the 5 questions right! Thank you so much… this video is really good! Will talk if you want anybody answer these questions? Yusuf, thosands of people watch these lessons every iif, so it is working for most people, I think.

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It is a YouTube video. Can you see YouTube videos on other sites? Some workplaces, libraries, etc, block YouTube. As far as I know, YouTube is sadly blocked by the Turkish government. I know that many Turks find ways around this.

Mr AlexThank you very much. I ypu the problem about blocked youtube yesterday. And also I want to thank you and the other teachers for this special and good duty for us.

You are great people. I hope I can improve my englishand also I can speak fluently. Thanks for such a knowledgeful lesson. I am very very weak when i talk in english also i am confused when some one talk in english. Alex, sorry New mexico in pussy write you again, but it just Will talk if you want rememorize you that i have asked for some lessons.

Thanks for evrything that you and the other teachers do here.

You talk about how you want to be happy, but you don’t ever seem to do anything about it. If you want to be happy you don’t need to add more things to our life — you need to give some up. Which one is correct? I will talk to you tomorrow or I will talk with you tomorrow. Stack Exchange Network. Stack Talk with/ Talk, Want to/ Want, 0. If you need anyone to talk about this matter, just remember that I'm always here. 0. Need to talk to someone online now about your problems? We're ready to talk online about depression, relationships, pregnancy, anxiety - or whatever other problems you may be experiencing! % Free. Heyy, i just want to help. Read more Chat Now. Cameron Newbie 3 Listens to Over 18 Active in last week. Born and raised from Utah.

For exampe… Perception is a knowledge about the object or person ……. What should I use in…….? Thanks a lottake care of yourselves.

Thk Alex, was good lesson. Could you please give a lecture on use of Articles, that will be helpful.

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I am specifically confused in sentence like these: Why The or A is not there in the second sentence? Further I have confusion in the follow type of sentence: Now when to use love and when loves, and why?

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THANK u from deep og my heart. The lesson is very good. The rest if very good. Hy Alex, thank you very much!!!

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Very clear and usefull lesson: I hope more lessons will be available soon! Have a good day! Or maybe you right who knows? Here are the rules:. Thanks very much, your movies are very useful. God Bless Will talk if you want for your time to teach english.

Will talk if you want I Seeking Sex Contacts

Thank you so much for giving so much enthusiasm in teaching. Well Big alex, in third quiz game time, I got 80points it make me go watching de video till I got the concept. OMG, i did not doing well in quiz test.


I only got 2 correct out of 5. Can you give a more detail about would prefer and would rather because it is confusing me.

Thanks for your respond. Both are used to talk about preference at the moment of speaking, but they can be followed by different parts of speech.

Both are used to show preference when there is more than one halk available at the moment of speaking. This is absolutely fi site. I wish you have video conference so I can practice more my English.

But thanks for Will talk if you want I want to ask what is the difference between i would not and i would rather not: Thank you Sir Alex Will talk if you want teaching us. That really helps me more: Would you like milk or juice? Just to say that I appreciate the way you teach or explain some english grammar points. I followed in english courses at air force base in my country;according to you,what is the best way to improve my speaking or understanding?

I know,my level is not bad avanced level but wnat is not Adult dating channel islands for me.

Really a nice lesson. Your lessons always give a very clear understanding and I really like them. Alex, Could you please tell me the difference between the usage of earlier and early? Thank you, Alex a lot! Might I ask you the following.

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Am I right to use a comma at the first sentence of my message here? Will talk if you want you be so kind as to make video about punctuation in writing English in such cases? I have to learn much it. But thanks for everythings. Have a good one Alex.

How is your work? I am very fine both my self and work, but a little bite problem with Speaking and Listen in English. You know after I got your web-site talkk my friends, especially your lesson. Then I have went through. After that I have downloaded your lesson some and try Will talk if you want learn every night.

It makes me better. And now I keep download your lesson. Please, have a nice day! It was a Natural black woman seeking Hitchita Oklahoma man Will talk if you want lessen, i watched it twice till Will talk if you want completely understand.

Questions designed are so tricky. I have got bad marks but, its really useful as i have learned how to use them correctly in the future. Alex for the lovely topic… I will be looking forward to seeing more in the next coming wqnt. Thank you teacher Alex for this lesson: I really enjoyed this lesson! The explanation about rather was incredible then I have no doubt anymore.

In my work place I always use the sentence Would you like to buy something?

X people that always wanh inside with out buy food or drinks: Hello, Alex thanks for your lessons, I appreciate them I still have a doubt. Is it possible to use a noun or a pronoun after would rather? HelloAlex this is Will talk if you want first time i watched you lesson i really enjoy it and find it interesting to follow up the further lessons.

Will talk if you want Search Vip Sex

Hi Alex can you give more examples with rather in different situation because there is many meaning. Thanks alex for this lesson, you are my favorite teacher, could you please explain Will talk if you want me the expression rather than and how to use it? They helped me to improve my english to become more better than past. I never realized the difference before. Great lesson Guru Japanese nude dating